Island, n., Piece of land surrounded by water

Yesterday Peter and I took off for an afternoon adventure. The sky was blue, the weather was crisply cold and there was a park nearby that we hadn’t visited yet. The park is called Island 22 and is very much not an island. I can say this as someone who lived on an island for the last eight years and owns a dictionary (OED, yo!). But in this part of the world, they seem to think a river on one side, a ditch on the other, sure, that can be an island. I’m not buying it. No matter, Island 22 was lovely and we had a beautiful walk. We discovered a semi-hidden beach that I plan to revisit when the weather gets warm and scoped a lot of potential blackberry-picking spots.

I wish I had pictures but I don’t because my camera is somewhere between my house and my in-laws’ right now and I don’t have the cable that lets me upload pictures from my camera. So here is a picture of another local “island”.

This is not far across the river from our house.

Almost everyone we passed yesterday at the park was walking a dog. One day, Peter and I tell each other constantly, we too will have a dog. In the meantime, this is what we do have…

Vern and I - he looks so young to me now.

That’s Vern. He’s an asparagus fern. Those pictures are from the summer; he’s much bigger now. We’re so proud.

A Family Picture.

Today I do some work on the job front and got a library card. Getting the library card was more fun. I had to wait until I’d updated my address and so I’ve been using Peter’s in the meantime and am always nervous that they’ll turn it over and ask why my parent’s gave me a man’s name.

I haven’t been super impressed with the selection in-library – it leans heavily to Christian romance and self-help – but it’s part of a regional system so I’m excited to see what I’m able to order in. And the cooking section is fantastic. I’ve never gotten cook books from the library but I’ve been cooking more than ever since we moved so it’s a great option. Today I came home with The Best of Chef at Home by Michael Smith. We have guests for dinner tomorrow so I plan on trying his lasagna recipe.

I currently have buttermilk scones in the oven. I’ve tried lots of scone recipes over my twenty-six years and this is by far the easiest and most delicious. I ate them at my sister-in-law’s baby shower over a year ago and got a copy of the recipe photocopied out of a book but have no idea what book it’s from. The important part though is that they’re delicious.

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