Happy Things

I don’t really have a cohesive idea behind today’s post so I’m simply going to share some things that make me happy today.

This song by Emm Gryner that I can’t stop listening to. I heard an interview with her on CBC Radio 2 (my love for CBC 2 deserves and will get its own post) and the version I linked to is the one she performed live in the studio there. She’s a talented artist and way more prolific than I realized. She deserves to be better known, in my opinion

Married people Valentine’s Day.

I really do.

It’s simple, it’s low in expectation, and it just seems more fun to me. Peter and I had a Tuesday night commitment so we had a low key afternoon, made homemade pizza (a Valentine’s Day tradition) and went on with our lives.


Oooh, pretty!

That said, I still like special gestures. Another thing I like: having it both ways.

Peter doesn't get credit for this one.

Leftover pizza for breakfast. When my brother and I were kids we made up and frequently performed a song expressing our great love for pizza. I still sing in my head when I have pizza because I still love pizza that much. Hot, cold, homemade, takeout, I’ll eat it though the kind we make at home is my favourite.

Hot coffee and cold pizza is a beautiful combination.

Mini eggs. In fact, I love mini eggs so much that I question your grasp on reality and deliciousness if you don’t agree with me. I don’t know what they put in those little balls of crack but no imitation comes close. I also love that my husband knows just what to get me for Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, I ate the whole thing.

I learned to crochet on Monday (thanks to the talented and patient Nicole!) and it’s quickly becoming a new love. I can’t stop doing it. I’m super excited about the crafting possibilities that have opened up in my future. Here is my first attempt from Monday night:

How impressed are you all?

I photographed it with a beautiful book so it would look better. It was supposed to be a square but I was missing a step at the ends so it kind of turned into a triangle.

This is what I’m working on now:

I also have to express my love for downtown Mission. Peter and I were wandering through thrift stores there on Monday and, knowing that I would be learning to crochet that night, I thought I’d pick up some practice wool and crochet hooks. Seemed like a better idea than investing a lot of money into something I might end up sucking at. Well, the kind folks at the Hospital Thrift Store on First Avenue had trouble locating crochet hooks and then when they did, they decided they’d had them sitting around long enough and gave me a bunch for free! How sweet is that? Also, at the MCC Thrift store there, I scored a cashmere sweater for $5. So add downtown Mission and thrift stores to my list of happy things.

I’ve figured out why I’m excited about crocheting. I often feel that I lack practical skills. You know, the kind of skills that would come in handy in a pioneer-type/zombie apocalypse situation. Sure, I can write poetry, apply mascara, and bake yummy chocolate chip cookies but my survival skills are not that high. Now, I don’t really think crocheting qualifies as a survival skill but suddenly I have at my fingertips the possibility of making blankets, mittens, toques. Those are useful objects! Plus, I’m one step further on the way to becoming an awesome grandmother!

What makes you happy today?


2 thoughts on “Happy Things”

  1. I am happy today because I am almost halfway through my third to last week of work! Woohoo!

    Also, isn’t crocheting the best?! I got a “teach yourself to crochet” book for Christmas, and love it. It’s so much better than knitting in my opinion. I have already made a big baby blanket, and plan on many more fun things, like little animals and such.

    MCC…the best store in the world. If only the island had one. šŸ˜¦

    1. Yay for almost-maternity leave!

      I haven’t tried knitting but it seems harder. I kind of always thought crochet was just for blankets but I’m amazed by how versatile it is. A friend of mine made an adorable stuffed bunny, which still seems complicated to me but I’ll work up to it. And yes, MCC is awesome. Major perk of living on the mainland!

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