The Bachelor Goes to Switzerland

We are almost at the end of this magical journey. Or, as Ben calls it, “incredible journey.” Ben, the book was better. Frankly, I’m ready to say good-bye and good riddance to all of these ridiculous folks. But first some thoughts on last night:

  • Switzerland looks beautiful and like a wonderful place to visit. Looking at the beautiful scenery is the best part of this episode
  • Ben says that the more he gets to know the women, the more lost he feels. That just doesn’t sound right to me. If you are getting to know someone and you feel lost, that doesn’t seem like you have much of a future together. In my experience, falling in love makes you feel like a better version of yourself.
  • Ben is suddenly saying that he’s worried about Courtney and how she’s acted. If that’s true, how come he didn’t do anything when the other women were still around? How come he wasn’t respectful towards them when they tried to express their concerns?
Surprise! It's a helicopter! (I do not own this image.)
  • Three dates with three women. Nicki gets the first one.
  • Ben looks so much more bundled up than Nicki! Guy can’t handle the cold apparently.
  • They hop on a helicopter (naturally) and fly over a glacier (cool). Their relationship is “going to new heights”. Yep, someone actually said that.
  • Nicki says Ben makes her feel safe? How does he make her feel safer while in the helicopter? Is he secretly a helicopter pilot? Did he pack parachutes? No, Nicki, Ben is not making you safer here.
  • I feel repetitive here but I have to say it again: Ben’s hair is just so bad. It looks really dull and lank on this date in particular. I think he could be so much more attractive with a short hair cut!
  • Throughout the date, Ben seems disengaged and uninterested when Nicki speaks. His answers are short and meaningless.
  • They high five when they sit down to their romantic dinner. Yeah, this isn’t ending in engagement.
  • This episode is what I like to call “the ickiest episode”. It’s the one where they try and make you think it’s okay that the bachelor spends the night with three different women. It’s not. Moral issues aside (because I obviously have different standards than Ben and these women), I’m sure Ben has a pretty good idea who he’s keeping at the end and so I think it’s downright wrong to lead these other women on by being intimate with them. This was especially apparent with Nicki, who keeps telling Ben she loves him, is talking about their future, having kids and he seems blatantly uninterested. If Ben was truly a decent guy he would not have even offered the “fantasy suite” to Nicki but would have been honest right there and then and sent her home.
  • Also, it icks me out that Chris Harrison apparently sets up the fantasy suite for them and then sends them an invitation. If someone’s got to offer this, shouldn’t it be Ben?
This is kind of a creeper shot, eh? (I do not own this image.)
  • The next date is Lindzi’s. Ben seems way more into Lindzi than Nicki. I counted at least three times where he says he loves her.
  • They have an “adrenaline date” and it just seems cheesy at this point. If you’re really about to get engaged, shouldn’t you be spending your time talking and figuring out if marriage is the right step?
  • A Swiss man tells them they need to be mentally strong. This guy seemed awesome. He wishes them good luck, as if that’s what they need, not strong ropes, while they rappel down a cliffside.
  • Of course rappelling off a cliff is compared to a relationship. Somehow.
  • As with so many of the adrenaline dates, this has very little real danger to it. The ropes are not going to break. No one is going to die on The Bachelor. Also, they’re not rappelling or jumping so much as being slowly lowered.
  • Ben wears a bow tie to dinner. To be clear, I think some men can pull off a bow tie and look quite debonair. Ben is not one of those men.
  • Lindzi is beautiful and always looks good although I wish she would switch to a darker lipstick.
  • Ben looks happy when Lindzi tells him she’s falling in love. That’s a nice switch from his usual non-expressive reaction.
They do look cute together. (I do not own this image.)
  • Next up: Courtney.
  • Personal opinion: I do not like men in camel-hair coats. I think Ben’s coat on this date looks kind of feminine.
  • They take a train to a town called Wengen where they have a picnic. I hate to admit I agree with Ben and Courtney, but I also think trains are romantic. Peter and I took a train on our honeymoon and it was lovely. This date was my favourite of the three because it was the most normal.
  • Ben is a little goofier, a little more comfortable with Courtney.
  • Ben does seem concerned about Courtney’s action but I’m disappointed that he doesn’t push for more answers from her. She talks over him and gives the same kind of answers that she gave before. She admits that the situation brought out the worst in her but I don’t know if she learned enough from it to be better in her interactions in the future.
  • They have dinner in a wine cellar?
  • Ben says he’s not concerned that Courtney is fake. You should be, Buddy.

The “surprise” of the episode was the return of Kacie after she was sent home last week. Does someone make a “surprise” return every season? Kacie says she doesn’t know what happened and she wants answers. I think that’s legit, especially since Ben has not given very great good-byes to some of the girls. I’m not necessarily someone who demands a lot of closure in relationships but I know it’s very important to some people. Ben explains that their backgrounds were too far apart, that he didn’t see her in the end. Kacies says,”It’s nice to have answers but it doesn’t make it any better” and that’s the problem with so-called closure. It doesn’t really change the outcome. That said, I hope it helped her and that she’s been able to move on. I hope she stays close to her family and follows the values they’ve laid out for her.

This is Ben's expression throughout his conversation with Kacie. It's the face he makes when someone is saying something he doesn't want to hear. He's made it a lot this season. Also, can this plaid-on-plaid trend die already?

Kacie, since she’s already there and everything, tells Ben that if he chooses Courtney in the end, he will have his heart broken. After she leaves, Ben says he’s confused and doesn’t know what to do but I think he will still choose Courtney. He hasn’t listened to any of the other warnings and red flags, why would he know.

And, just as I thought, he chooses Lindzi and Courtney to be his final two women. I was glad to see that he spent some time saying good-bye to Nicki and giving some reasons as to why he didn’t choose her. At least he learned something from Kacie.

Also featured in this episode was a sneak peek at Emily Maynard, our next Bachelorette. Emily was Brad’s pick on the previous season of The Bachelor but they have since broken up. She’s the first single mom to be featured as The Bachelorette. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to watching her season. Typically, The Bachelorette features less drama than The Bachelor, plus I kind of like Emily. She’s sweet and beautiful and although she’s obviously crazy (everyone on these shows is) she seems like a decent person. It’s easy to see why multiple men could fall in love with her, unlike our current Bachelor where I’m surprised any women have fallen in love with him. We’ll see what happens!

Oh, and the scene where Emily goes to watch the Titanic in 3D with Ashley and Ali made me laugh. They picked out fancy outfits, got their hair and make-up done to sit in an empty theatre wearing dorky glasses? And Ashley thinks Jack and Rose were the epitome of a perfect relationship? Maybe she hasn’t seen the ending of that movie?

2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Goes to Switzerland”

  1. Switzerland IS beautiful and you and Peter are welcome to come for a visit anytime. Plus, I live in one of the prettiest parts, in my unbiased opinion, of course. Come, come, come! Ask Alison, if you don’t believe me 🙂
    As for trains, I guess they’re romantic until they become your daily mode of transportation. 2.5hrs a day kind of kill the awesomeness.

    1. We’d love to make a trip out there! One day! And yes, trains every day are probably less magical. Plus, we were in honeymoon mode so the washroom at the train station seemed wonderful to me that day!

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