A Snowy, March Adventure

It’s another cloudy, dreary day in the Fraser Valley today and my heart is aching for cherry blossoms. I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting to see some friends, as well as daylight savings coming. (Losing the hour of sleep is a small price to pay for longer daylight hours, I think.)

On Wednesday Peter and I were itching to get out of the house and the weather was decent, so we hopped in the car and drove up into the mountains to hike to Lindeman Lake.

Our destination, Lindeman Lake.

Our car is even more citified than I am – definitely not meant for back roads – and it’s pretty dirty now, but it did us well. I should note that there isn’t actually snow in Chilliwack at the moment; this hike was in the mountains, at a higher elevation, so there was a fair bit of snow there.

I was ready for anything though. Have I mentioned that I love my new boots?

The hike was beautiful. It was wonderful to be among tall firs and cedars.

Oh, trees, you are lovely!

And the snow! Walking through mostly untouched, clean white snow, with a river flowing quickly by on one side, surrounded by trees…that’s kind of heaven. Also, has anybody seen the old BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe? Do you remember the scene where spring is just starting to win out over the long winter and the children stop and listen to the newly unfrozen creek? This kind of reminded me of that.

Did you notice the handsome man in the background?

And then the lake was just so perfectly frozen and gorgeous. It’s been a while since I saw a fully frozen body of water like that. Mind you, we still didn’t trust it enough to walk out on it but it was definitely cool to poke with sticks and throw things on the ice.

The way back down ended up being the more challenging, due to the snow. I did mostly okay since my boots had good hiking boots but Peter’s hiking boots didn’t do him many favours. We were both grabbing at tree branches and moving sideways most of the way. The craziest moment though was when Peter lost his footing and slipped a few feet. He put out his hands to stop his slide and then got back up. He wasn’t wearing gloves and his bare hands were in the snow. I was coming up behind him, still at the top of where he began to slip. After checking that he was okay, I started to make my own way down. I had my eyes on the ground, watching my footing carefully, when something shiny caught my eye. My first thought was that it was a bottle cap but something made me take a second look and I suddenly recognized it as my husband’s wedding ring! With his cold hands, Peter hadn’t noticed it was missing and if I hadn’t been behind him and spotted it, the ring would probably still be in the woods right now. Thank goodness I’m attracted to shiny objects!

It was much steeper than it looks here. Really.

One more quick, unrelated note: I read this article in the National Post today and I think it’s worth checking out for all you B.C. residents. It outlines some of the serious implications of Bill 22 and the effect it could have on international law and how our province is run. Bill 22 is the legislation that the BC government is currently trying to force teachers in our province to accept. Aside from what you may think of teachers and public education, this sets a precedent for all workers in the province.



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