Happy Things

It’s Monday and it’s grey/rainy outside but I’m in a good mood for some reason. My theory is it’s the extra hour of light yesterday. I have a confession: I think daylight savings rocks. In the fall we get an extra hour of sleep and in the spring we get more daytime. I like both of those things. I like that daylight savings means Peter and I got to go for a walk last night at a time when, lately, it’s already dark.

That picture’s from last night. We call it “The sun sets in Mordor”.

Other things making me happy today:

1. I’m making bread right now. For real bread that people will (hopefully) eat. I’ve made bread before but it has been few and far between and my track record is not terrific. I love baking but that’s been primarily dessert-baking in the past. I’ll be happier if my bread turns out.

That’s my dough, all ready to start rising, and a picture of Nigella Lawson’s bread behind it.

2. A new book. I started reading The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller this morning. I’m not far into it but I loved the last Keller book I read and so I’m excited about this one. I’m still working my way through 2666 by Roberto Bolano. That book is big. I’ve had to renew it from the library once already.

3. Signs of spring! Daylight savings being one of them. I love this time of year, when there are more birds out and the days are getting warmer and flowers are starting to bloom. On our walk last night I kept spotting robins and buds on trees.

I also spotted these beauties. We had a huge rhododendron bush in the front yard of the house I grew up in. They make me happy.

4. Good friends. I got to see two of my favourite girlfriends over the weekend and celebrate the birthday of one. Definitely puts a smile on my face. Friendships that last over years and multiple moves are a definite blessing.

Oh, and one last thought. This isn’t necessarily a “happiness” thing, but I thought this article from today’s Globe and Mail was something good to keep in mind with all this Joseph Kony. I particularly like the author’s point that awareness is only the first step and our involvement shouldn’t stop there. There are many organizations doing awesome work in Africa and around the world and I encourage you to get involved with one or more of them. I also encourage you to do your research first – see what the organization stands for, what they do on the ground, and how they spend their money. Not all non-profits are created equally. Yes, spread awareness but let your awareness be followed by action!

P.S. If you’re looking for a non-profit that’s run by awesome people and has a sustainable, beneficial long-term model, check out Global Mothers. They have been in the works for a while but are launching their products soon.

P.P.S. I’m not affiliated with Global Mothers, I just think they’re doing something really great.

Hope you’re all finding things to be happy about this Monday!

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