The Bachelor Finale

Our journey is finally at an end. I, for one, am happy to be finished watching Ben and his hair. Did you know this was “the most controversial finale in Bachelor history”?

The final days find us still in Switzerland, in Zermatt, near the Matterhorn (I love that ride at Disneyland). Once again, Switzerland is the best-looking one in the show. This episode was huge amounts of recaps, soft-focus flashbacks, and shots of our three people gazing thoughtfully into the distance.

  • Ben says he is in love with 2 women. Really? How can you be in love with 2 people? That seems either careless or like you don’t really know what love is. I’ve been in love exactly once in my life. Romantic love is an exclusive love, that’s a defining characteristic. I think Ben is confusing love with “I want to have sex with 2 women.”
  • He says he needs more time with Lindzi but also has doubts about Courtney. This is all inter-spliced with thoughtful looks and David Gray.
  • Ben’s mom and sister (Barbara and Julia) arrive in Switzerland to meet the final contenders.
  • Ben seems genuinely close with his family. He tears up when they arrive and keeps hugging them. It’s the most emotion I’ve seen from him all season and it was by far my favourite moment of the episode. He says he has a sense of relief now that they are there.
  • Hmm…his sister conveniently asks if any of the woman have contributed to drama. I guess she was coached.
  • Lindzi meets them first. She’s super nervous, trying to impress, and as they eat lunch she keeps dropping her fork. I can totally sympathize with that. She’s smiling so much it looks painful.
  • Ben’s mom is hard to read. Even when she’s saying nice things, she’s so toneless, I’m not sure if she means anything she’s saying. I guess that’s where Ben gets it from.
  • Julia asks Lindzi about Courtney and I think Lindzi answers pretty diplomatically. We haven’t really seen Lindzi get involved in any of the drama of the season. Julia is happy with Lindzi, thinks she’s a good fit with Ben.
  • The next day Ben wears a hideous grandpa sweater and Courtney meets his family. They ask her about the drama and she feeds them the same lines she fed Ben. That the women didn’t try to get to know her, that they judged her because she’s so pretty, that maybe she guesses she could have tried a little harder, maybe.
  • Courtney’s charms win over the whole family. Barbara says, who doesn’t want happiness for their children. Which, yes, I’m sure parents want their children to be happy, but don’t we also want our children to be good people, to stand up for justice and the oppressed, to contribute to society, to be smart and healthy? Would you really rather your child experience short-term happiness rather than learn and grow?
  • Basically, Barbara and Julia approve of Courtney and from that moment it’s clear (if it wasn’t clear before) that Courtney will be the last one standing. His family were maybe the last warnings Ben might have listened to.
  • Ben’s mom also tells him to “give it a try and see what happens”. Seriously? This is a marriage we’re talking about. A lifelong commitment. He’s not trying a new type of cheese!
  • Ben however does say that he will pick a woman and stick with her, which I have to give him props for.
  • He has a final date with each woman but they aren’t particularly interesting and really, I don’t think he should have had them. It’s clear that he’s made up his mind and I really feel that he’s leading Lindzi on. One final date isn’t going to change anything, either you know or you don’t.
  • Courtney is still saying mean things about Lindzi! She says Lindzi has no depth. Then again, she thinks Ben does, so maybe that word doesn’t mean what she thinks it means.
  • Lindzi compares skiing to relationships.
  • The day of the proposal, Ben says he has a difficult decision to make that today. Dude, you really shouldn’t be unsure about proposing the morning of.
  • Ben meets with Neil Lane – jeweller and relationship expert (apparently). What did you all think of the ring he picked? I thought the first one he looked at was the nicest.
  • Courtney wears a black dress with a white cape and I was going to make a comment about how they’re trying to make her look evil and how she resembled Maleficent but then they showed Lindzi wearing a black dress with feathers and a green cape. Lindzi kind of looked like an elf.
I believe this photo belongs to USA Today. Not me.
  • Lindzi and her feathered skirt arrive first and that means she isn’t staying. Ben proceeds to heavily sugarcoat his rejection of her. Okay, so breaking up with someone is hard. There’s no nice or easy way to do it. The thing is, throughout this show, Ben has said how he doesn’t like to sugar coat things but I feel like he’s done that with every single woman. With Lindzi was the worst of all. He goes as far as to tell her he loves her…but. That’s seriously what he says and I think it was cruel and completely unnecessary.
  • Lindzi handles it with total silence. We haven’t seen tears from her all season and I think she was really fighting to keep them back here. She handles the whole thing with great composure. She tells Ben she’s mad at herself for not giving him what he needed but when she’s alone she says that Ben will look like a fool if he marries Courtney.
  • Blah, blah, blah. Ben and Courtney get engaged. I don’t have much to say about that.

The After The Final Rose episode didn’t add much new information to the situation. We do find out that when Ben said he would pick a woman and stick with her, he meant only until it gets hard. Apparently once the show started airing, he effectively broke up with her. Not by calling her or talking to her – he simply stopped contacting her or responding to her. That’s super lame. That is the action of a 6th grader, not of a grown man.

  • Ben insists that he wasn’t tricked and that Courtney is really very drama-free. The audience scoffs.
  • Courtney says that Ben abandoned her, not even contacting her on Valentine’s Day and that there has been trust lost. When Chris Harrison presses this, she says she still doesn’t trust him completely. I actually feel bad for Courtney.
  • Chris Harrison asks if Ben can say he won’t abandon Courtney again. Ben says he wants to stay with her. Not he will but he wants to.
  • It seemed weird to bring out Ashley (the last woman Ben proposed to) and J.P. and ask their opinions.

And there you have it, that is The Bachelor. Who knows how much of it is true/edited/manipulated/real romance. If Ben and Courtney really love each other and want to get married, I wish them the best but I do think they have a hard road ahead of them.

Who watched the finale? Who was surprised, or not surprised? Do you think Ben and Courtney deserve each other?

2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Finale”

  1. I was definitely looking forward to reading your re-cap of the finale, I feel like I have watched the show by reading your blog. Ben writes blog posts about The Bachelor for People Magazine (my admission is that I read the People website!) and here is a quote from him about the proposal: “Aside from having hair that looked like a water buffalo, the day I proposed was an exciting day. This damn hair. Maybe it is time for a cut.” Water buffalo, ha! Thought you might enjoy reading that.

    1. Yes! My blog and People magazine – that’s why you need to keep you up to date in the world of entertainment! I’m surprised he is finally admitting that he has terrible hair. I would say that it’s because he watched himself on TV, but he’s been on TV before this, so he doesn’t have much of an excuse. A water buffalo is a pretty good comparison – that one sentence is funnier than anything he said or did on the entire show!

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