Thrifting Adventures (American Edition)

I sort of forgot that I had made mention in a previous post that I would share some of our thrift store discoveries made while in Washington. Peter and I are avid thrift shoppers – we can’t get enough of the places. It goes along nicely with the fact that we’re newish university graduates and I work in a creative field (ie: we’re not the wealthiest of folks). We’ve been on holiday in the USA twice together and have had great thrift store experiences both times. In particular, we’re big fans of Goodwill, which we don’t have on our side of the border. We made sure to visit one in Bellingham. That’s where I found these:

Pro-tip: When buying second-hand earrings, clean, clean, clean them with rubbing alcohol before wearing them!

I also came home with this dress:

I love dresses; in the summertime, they are most definitely my favourite type of clothing. I love this one because it’s light and airy but doesn’t reveal thing. Cool summer dresses that I can wear to church are good finds! I’ve already been able to adapt it to spring with a pair of tights and a cardigan.

Peter and I also found a Value Village located conveniently close to our hotel and that’s where we made this score:

ASOLO hiking boots in my size! A little worn but a steal at $15. I’ve been looking for hiking boots for a while but have been reluctant to spend $100+. I lucked out here with someone’s sexist shelving. Peter spotted these boots in the men’s section but since they’re my exact size and they fit perfectly, I’m positive they’re women’s boots. Let our outdoor adventures begin.

At the same Value Village, I found a lovely Pyrex mixing bowl for just a couple of bucks. It’s clear so pictures of it are not really exciting. Just imagine it and imagine me smiling as I paid for it with my new boots.

We also came home with a couple of gifts, jeans for Peter and something that will make my summer way more fun but is currently riding around in the back of our car. Any guesses? It will be undergoing a few minor repairs and then I’ll share it with you all.

In other news…does anybody know how to prevent a friendly cat from leaving you gifts of dead birds? I know the cat means it as a lovely present but I just don’t see it the same way.

Maybe we can't blame him when we allow this to happen.

This has resulted in Peter and I deciding on a very specific division of labour in our marriage – disposing of dead animals is his job. And judging by his reaction to my sliced finger this week, bandaging up our future kids will be mine.

Speaking of cats, check out this site. It is music designed specifically for cats. It was hard to tell if the aforementioned cat liked it but he definitely reacted. If you scroll down on the site you can listen to samples. Thanks CBC Radio 2 for sharing this knowledge with me!


5 thoughts on “Thrifting Adventures (American Edition)”

  1. I’d skipped the paragraph about getting a cat. I went from ‘riding in the back and needing a couple of repairs’ to the cat picture. I was a bit surprised 🙂

  2. Great finds, great post! Andrew and I have been discussing that it’s about time we visit you in Chilliwack again and we kindly request that a trip to the MCC be part of that day! My most recent favourite find is that turquoise paisley scarf from Value Village in Coquitlam.

    1. Yes please! Come visit! A trip to the thrift store will definitely happen – mostly because that and eating pie are our primary means of entertaining guests here. That scarf was lovely; I love scarves but hate paying $30 for them so thrift store scarves are great!

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