A Sunday at Harrison

What do you do when the day is sunny and you have new hiking boots to break in? You find a mountain to climb!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, particularly joyous after a grey sort of Saturday (it was too cloudy to see the so-called “supermoon”, which was disappointing). So Peter and I packed a lunch and hopped in the car to explore a part of the valley we’d never seen before – Agassiz and Harrison. (Full disclosure: I have been to Harrison before but not in years and years; Peter had never been.)

We had to cross a bridge.

We found a grassy patch by the lake and ate our sandwiches first.

Harrison Lake

We explored the lovely little town of Harrison. Peter found a functioning phone booth! Imagine that in this day and age!

I met a Sasquatch.

He’s just not that into me.

Then we drove a few kilometres out of town to a trail we’d heard about. It took us up Bear Mountain. Long ago there was a mine in those parts, long inactive now.

We came across an abandoned mining office, filled with core samples.

What did the first mushroom say to the second mushroom? “You seem like a fungi!”

As we walked along the trail, snakes kept slithering off the path. We chased one down only to discover…something other than a snake.

Salamander in the forest.
Jet flying overhead.
Want me to make another fungus joke?

This isn’t exactly the top of the mountain, but it’s as high as we got. The trail became pretty overgrown so we turned around.

Harrison Lake below us.

I’m also pleased to say that my hiking boots were simply wonderful. Not a single blister on my feet tonight!

We took the scenic route home, enjoyed some cold beverages and fajitas, and toasted on a day well lived. Nothing makes you feel like you live in a beautiful place like a sunny day outdoors!

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