The Journey Begins…

Monday night launched the latest season of  The Bachelorette. This time we follow the romantic adventures of 26-year-old Emily Maynard. What sets this season apart is the fact that Emily is a single mom to a young daughter, Ricki. For this reason, the show has (so far) been relocated to Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m looking forward to watching this. Emily is easy to like – poised, polite, restrained, and almost artificially pretty. I’ve also heard that she professes to be a Christian, so I’m curious to observe how that lines up to the sometimes loose morality of The Bachelorette. Plus, I’ve generally preferred watching  The Bachelorette over The Bachelor since there tends to be less drama and cattiness.

My personal top four picks (based solely on what I saw last night) were:

Arie – It’s not that classy that the producers put a racecar driver in with Emily’s guys (her deceased former fiance and father of her child was a race care driver) but it was classy that he told her right away, well before the first rose ceremony.

Charlie – Funny guy, seemed kind of goofy, extremely likeable.

Jef – So the hair is ridiculous, he’s a total hipster, and he inexplicably spells his name with one F. But he seems like a genuinely nice, interesting guy. I thought it was super cute when Emily said “I think he’s cool. I hope he thinks I’m cool too.”

Aaron – He’s Canadian, he’s blond, and he’s a teacher. So maybe I have a type.

On the other hand, if I had to guess Emily’s final four at this moment I’d probably say:

Arie (pictured above)

Doug – A single dad who received the First Impression Rose (somehow that seemed deserving of capitalization.

Ryan – He’s an athletic, brawny kind of guy which I have a feeling (based on her previous love of Brad Womack) is Emily’s kind of guy. Plus, the previews kept showing him with kids.

Nate – This one is based fully on the fact that he was the only guy who Emily immediately commented, “He’s cute.” He’s also an accountant and I have a feeling Emily will never, ever describe him as “Hot. For an accountant” unlike Superlame Ben.

Check back in however many weeks this show runs for (8? 16? 12?) to see if I’m even close to being correct!

5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…”

    1. Nice! I’m looking forward to the lead person being much more likeable than the last season of The Bachelor. Have you picked any favourites so far?

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