Victoria Day Weekend

We had two days of fabulous weather for the May long weekend, one day of clouds and then a final day of rain all day. Which was actually kind of perfect because it gave us just the right excuse to stay in our pajamas too late, to drink coffee slowly, read books, and simply hang out together.

A year ago we were camping at Rathtrevor Park on the island. It seems like a long time ago. I’m so excited about getting to spend the summer by the ocean again.

We like to rock the plaid when we camp.

Friday and Saturday this past weekend Peter and I had our first overnight guests at our place here. We had fun sharing some of the places we’ve discovered in town and trying out a new restaurant.

Island 22 (not a real island)
Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Despite Peter’s concerns, we turned left on the path where we’ve always turned right before.

It brought us to a railroad bridge across the Vedder River.

The river was high and fast.

Some of the politest graffiti I’ve ever seen:

Mason Geddes, I don’t know who you are but I too hope you had a swell trip.

We also – as often happens in this family – hit up the local thrift stores. We visited four different thrift shops, including one I hadn’t been in before, and had quite a successful time. Welcome to our new drink station!

It was a good weekend.

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