Thursday Sundries

It’s another grey day in the Fraser Valley. But tomorrow is June! Can you believe it? I’m excited. June will be busy for us though because, well, we’re moving. Again. This will mark my fifth move in four years and although that might make it sound like I love moving a lot, I do not. And I’m not good at it either. I’m sentimental (which is a nice way of saying I hold on to too much stuff) and I’m not very organized. But there is lots of summer fun to look forward to and sunnier days ahead than this one.

Excellent things today:

This video. Mel and Joey Schwanke have been married for 64 years and have worn matching outfits for the past 35 years. Not identical outfits – coordinated outfits. Like, she’ll have a dress made and then he’ll have a tie made from the same fabric. I have to admit, even though, I don’t want to dress like Peter, I love seeing elderly couples in matching outfits. It’s this quirky way of saying, “We’ve been together for decades and I still want to be associated with you when we’re out in public.” I also love seeing older couples hold hands in public.

Full disclosure: Peter and I actually do have matching track suits. We received them as wedding gifts from some very clever and funny friends and on occasion we have gone running together in matching pants.


Spotted at Superstore last night.

Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread. I was too distracted by the name and taking this picture to look at the ingredients. Maybe a commercial will tell us more. Uh, nope. That cleared nothing up. Why are there only children shown enjoying something called “Lady’s Choice”? Why would I want my sandwich spread to taste “meaty”? A little more research tells me it’s from the Philippines but still does not answer my question as to its name.

Every time Peter and I go to the Superstore here (which is ginormous, by the way) we spend quite a bit of time in the Asian food aisle (pretty much the only Asian place in this town) and we usually end up each picking out a treat. Sometimes we pick at random (like when we got Tiger Malt) and try something new. Sometimes we go for the more familiar. Last night Peter chose a coffee drink from Taiwan (something random) and I got these (something familiar):

I’m eating them right now because Peter thinks they’re disgusting (which means I don’t have to share). When I was a kid these were such a treat. They still make me happy!

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