Packing Up and Moving On

This has been my morning so far…

Hi Emily!

Watching The Bachelorette and packing. Believe it or not, all of those boxes you see there are full of books. And there are more I have yet to pack. I have a lot of books. While Emily sent Ryan home, I took pictures off of the walls and wrapped them carefully. You can see here there taking another sip of wine as Ryan tries to convince her of how wonderful he is. On the one hand, I too once wrote out a list of the top attributes I hoped to find in my life partner. On the other hand, I never ever read that list out to somebody on a date. You marry a person, not a list. Peter doesn’t match every item I put on that list when I was sixteen but he has many other and greater qualities. I was happy to see Ryan go and not surprised that Travis didn’t last long. I’m surprised that “Wolf” is still around – I don’t see any connection between them at all.

Now I’ll have to find something else to amuse me while I continue to pack. It’s strange to see our walls looking so bare again. Packing this time around is different than before since I’m dividing our things – some for storage and some that we might need or want in the next few months.

Some of the books I want to have handy over the summer and beyond.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the weather is making it really easy to stay indoors these days. Aside from sunshine on Friday (during which two friends and I seized the opportunity to go to the park), it’s been rain, rain, rain. But summer is coming…

New growth on a coniferous tree.

2 thoughts on “Packing Up and Moving On”

  1. So glad that Emily gave Ryan the boot. I’m also surprised that Wolf guy is still around – just like with the man with long hair, I don’t see much of a connection between them. Looks like lots of drama next week!
    I hope the packing is going well. Keep us posted if we can help out with moving, we don’t have much going on at the end of June.

    1. I was surprise Wolf-man stayed too. Maybe it’s hard to dump someone right after they’ve shared about their deceased grandparents? I doubt that either Wolf or Doug will last after next week though.

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