Welcome to Summer (Fraser Valley Flood Edition)

Today is the first day of summer and it’s warm and a little muggy outside. The forecast, however, is still full of rain. You know what rain and warm weather do to rivers?

They flood! This is the slough a few blocks from our house. It’s overflowed its banks in a major way. For reference, this is what it normally looks like:

My photo, taken in January.

This is just a slough – it’s the Fraser River that has people in the province a little more antsy. We do live in the floodplain of the Fraser, here in the valley, but we are in an area protected by the dykes. Still, it’s a bit of a relief that we’ll be out of here in little more than a week.

The water is barely moving and the cottonwood fluff (I’m sure that’s the scientific name) has built up in a dam of white. It was floating all through the air along the river and I was extra thankful for allergy medication. In the last month here I’ve had seasonal allergies, something I’ve never experienced before.

Fortunately, the bees are surviving.

Again, for reference take a look at this photo from March:

And a couple more taken from the bridge.

So much cottonwood fluff! So many sneezes!

Am I crazy to think that living near the ocean seems so much safer?

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