The Bachelorette in Praha!

I’ve been excited all season for this episode! I love Prague – it’s one of my favourite cities. It’s full of beautiful architecture and scenery and fascinating culture and history.

That’s me in Prague!

I’m actually kind of disappointed that no one said Prague is the perfect place to fall in love. Anyway, I had fun watching Emily and her men wander around Prague and visit places I’ve been to so I thought I’d share some of my own pictures from way back in the olden days of 2008!

They showed a lot of trams going by old buildings. I’m sympathetic because in some of the downtown areas, it’s hard to not have a tram in your shot.
This is a statue by the palace where the guys met Chris Harrison.

I was surprised how empty that area was when they met good ol’ Chris. It must have been very early in the morning.

This is the astronomical clock in Old Town Square that Emily and Arie look at.
Tyn church.

As for the episode itself, there weren’t many surprises. Arie seems like the frontrunner. I loved her time with Jef. (I so wish I had visited the library they went to! How gorgeous was that place?) I thought Sean wandering through Prague calling Emily’s name was hilarious – as if no one told him where to go. And as if Emily really would be just walking home all by herself. She seemed really happy to see him, a lot happier than any moment on her date with Wolf.

I wasn’t surprised she sent Doug home but I felt for the guy when he made that last, desperate plunge and kissed her in the middle of her good-bye speech.

I was surprised by how suddenly and strongly I wanted Wolf to stay. Not because I saw any connection between him and Emily but because Chris (who I wasn’t much of a fan of to start) got so annoying so quickly. Chris, I’m not saying you’re immature because you’re 25, I’m saying you’re immature because you act really freaking immature!

In the end though Arie, Jef, Sean, and Chris will all be taking Emily home to meet their families. Pretty much my favourite episode of any season.

Red roofs of Prague.

Oh, and did you catch the cutest moment of the show? When Wolf and Jef hugged good-bye, one of them said, “I love you.” Well, Wolf, at least you’ll always have your buddies.

7 thoughts on “The Bachelorette in Praha!”

  1. Interesting, I see Sean as the last guy standing – but that’s probably because I like him more than I like Arie (who cares what Emily thinks, right?!). He did look ridiculous running around Prague calling her name. Maybe we can watch an episode together when we see you guys in a few weeks!

    1. I think I see Jef as the last guy for the same reason! Who do you think will have the worst hometown date? Also, are you guys coming up to the coast soon? When?

  2. Hometown dates…hard to know…I’ll say Chris because I like him the least of the 4 guys remaining 🙂 We’re coming up Thursday July 12th for the weekend – hopefully you’ll be around? (I realize we hadn’t mentioned it yet). Our friend Dan is coming too!

  3. I also think Chris will have the worst home town visit. He just doesn’t seem Ike the right fit.
    I loved seeing th conversation between Jef and Emily about moving in together and starting a family. It was a real life conversation! They need to show more of those.

    1. Sorry for the typos…typing on the iPad is not the easiest while simultaneously holding a baby.

    2. I have a feeling that Chris’ hometown visit will further highlight his immaturity/instability since that seems to be the direction they’re going with, and then Emily will send him home. I loved the Jef and Emily conversation too…it did seem like that real, beginning of a relationship, falling in love type of talk.

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