Farewell to the Fraser Valley

It’s strange to come and go from a place so quickly. Just eight months ago we packed up another U-Haul and arrived in Chilliwack. This weekend we leave. We moved to Chilliwack in a step of faith, trusting that it was the right choice for us at that moment. And now we are doing it again, moving on in faith to the next era of our lives. In truth, there have been times in the last eight months when I thought coming here was a mistake. I hold some great memories of the Fraser Valley but there were a lot of challenges too and some unhappy moments. It wasn’t an easy move and I don’t know if our next one will be easier or harder. What I do know is that we made the right decision when we came here and I think we’re making the right decision now. I know that God provides and I know that I can trust Him. More than maybe anything else over this past year I’ve learnt that God goes with me. Some days that’s harder to remember than others, but it is true every day. He’s been with us here in Chilliwack and He’ll continue to be with us on the Coast. God is good.

To the people we’ve met here in Chilliwack: Thank you. Thank you for opening your homes and your lives to us. Thank you for feeding us, for praying for us, for teaching us, for introducing us to the best donairs in town, for letting us hold your babies and give them back when they start to cry, for welcoming us when we showed up unannounced or stayed later than anybody else. Thank you for making our eight months here better, brighter, and more memorable. I hope my path crosses again with each and every one of you.

In conclusion, I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos of the last eight months, here in the Valley.

Heron on the snowy Hope River, November 2011
Free pie on my birthday at the airport! November 2011
Target shooting at Castle Fun Park on my birthday, November 2011
Fall leaves at Fairfield Park, early December 2011
Peter and I made a pie, December 2011
Hope River, January 2012
Island 22, January 2012
Exploring Mission, January 2012
Sunset on the highway, January 2012
Sunset in our neighbourhood, February 2012
Fraser River at Island 22, February 2012
Island 22, February 2012
Island 22, February 2012 (Photo Credit: Peter)
Stormy skies over the dyke by Camp River, March 2012

Bike ride along the dyke, March 2012
Trail on Teapot Hill, March 2012 (Photo Credit: Peter)
View from Teapot Hill, March 2012
Snowed-in canoe by Post Creek, March 2012
Frozen Lindeman Lake, March 2012
Us at Lindeman Lake, March 2012
Rainy day reflections at Hope River Park, March 2012
Sunset at the library, March 2012
View of Harrison Lake from Bear Mountain, May 2012
Jet overhead on Bear Mountain, May 2012 (Photo Credit: Peter)
Country mailboxes, May 2012
A visitor at our window, May 2012
Apple blossoms and farm land on Fairfield Island, May 2012
Horse grazing by the river, May 2012
A place to sit by the Fraser River, May 2012
Trail through the Blue Heron Nature Reserve, May 2012
Fraser River, 2012
Vedder River, May 2012
Chilliwack, May 2012

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