This weekend my in-laws celebrated their retirement and their 35th wedding anniversary. Friends and family from near and far gathered to celebrate together on Saturday night. My own parents celebrated 37 years of marriage this year. I am constantly thankful that Peter and I both have parents with strong, long-lasting marriages. Our parents have shown us what a strong marriage and partnership looks like.

This weekend was the first time that Peter and his siblings have all been together since our wedding two years ago. Somehow, getting all of us “kids” together turns into this:

Friday night. Ostensibly, we were practicing our dance moves before Saturday. Peter is eating ice cream.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky.

There are moments in life where time seems to stop. The seconds tick by a little more slowly and you can’t help but think, “I’ll remember this moment forever.” There were a couple of good moments Saturday night.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the party, as friends greeted each other and strangers met over a table laden with yummy food, Peter and I lay down on the grassy hill and watched for shooting stars. We celebrated our wedding reception in this same location on a similar August night. That night there wasn’t much opportunity to sneak away for a quiet moment together so we enjoyed Saturday night, side by side in the grass, Peter’s arm behind my head, a meteor shower above us.

As the party faded to a close, with just a few friends and family left, the music still going, those who remained kept dancing. “One more song”, we said and Peter started “Man on Fire” and we had one last dance to end the night. It was slow and happy and as Peter and I danced I thought, “I can’t wait to celebrate my own 35th anniversary.”

Pete and I, Saturday night. I didn’t realize until the next day that my camera lens had a smudge on it, unfortunately.

And at the end of the weekend, a beautiful sunset and a fire on the beach.

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