Salmon at Work, People at Play

This weekend:

Lunch on the deck after a kayak and a swim. Friday morning was gorgeous out and the water was calm. We kayaked over to a nearby sandbar where we hopped out for a swim. While getting back into our kayaks we spotted a group of seals a little ways out so we paddled over to them. Paddling as silently as I could, I was trying to get closer when I heard a “huff” to my left, turned and saw a seal about five feet away staring at me. Awesome!

Robert Creek Daze. Market, parade, hippies.

The Higgledy Piggledy Parade. (I told you there were hippies.)

As part of Roberts Creek Daze there is a Mr. Roberts Creek contest, or so I’ve heard. I didn’t witness any part of this contest and I don’t believe that I spotted Mr. Roberts Creek in the parade. Instead, I choose to believe that this dog is Mr. Roberts Creek. Congratulations Dog!

We had lunch in Davis Bay at the Lighthouse truck – a goal I’ve been working toward all summer long. Not a grand goal, mind you, but a goal nonetheless. For those of you wondering, they do not stay open until dusk and watching them drive away as you arrive is a sad experience. Great place for lunch though!

Did some Davis Bay exploring.

This sign made me laugh. I know salmon spawning and migration is serious (I think everyone who’s gone to elementary school in B.C. knows about this) but this is cheesy and funny.

Not pictured: Getting to hear writers Wayson Choy and Jane Urquhart at the Festival of the Written Arts and hearing jazz singer Rebecca Jenkins perform.

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