Porpoise Bay Hike

When we discovered that our favourite thrift store in Gibsons is closed on Mondays, Peter and I decided to go on a short hike instead. This was one he had had never done before and hike is perhaps a generous term for it although there was a fair bit of uphill. We headed to Porpoise… Continue reading Porpoise Bay Hike

Stories about Pie

Isn't it kind of crazy that this: Can become this: Baking pies has always seemed to me the epitome of domesticity. Good pie crust seems like such a simple thing but it is not an easy achievement. I've tried a number of different recipes and I think this apple pie was one of my more… Continue reading Stories about Pie

Summer Holds On

Lately... Jellyfish are throwing themselves to a certain death on the rocks. I'd feel bad about it but jellyfish are jerks. The weather continues to be amazing. The beach gets quieter and quieter though now that the weekend folks/holidayers aren't around. That heron didn't stick around to hang out with us but did leave behind… Continue reading Summer Holds On

“One holy, catholic, and apostolic Church”

The above title is quoted from the Nicene Creed, a statement of belief I learnt as a child in the Anglican church. Here's a true story: I repeated this creed in church long before I ever knew what it really meant. When we got to this line, I wouldn't say it. I thought it meant… Continue reading “One holy, catholic, and apostolic Church”

Thrifting on the Sunshine Coast

This is a bit of an overdue post but I guess now I can say I was waiting for summer to end in order to give you a more complete overview (or something like that!). I've done some good thrifting since moving to the Sunshine Coast in July and I'd like to share some of… Continue reading Thrifting on the Sunshine Coast

Welcome to September

If August means apples then the beginning of September means blackberries. This time last year Peter and I were still in Victoria. We decided to pick blackberries and headed to the park nearest our home. We did not find a single blackberry. Though delicious, blackberries are an invasive species to BC and so a lot… Continue reading Welcome to September