Summer Holds On


Jellyfish are throwing themselves to a certain death on the rocks. I’d feel bad about it but jellyfish are jerks.

Photo Credit: Peter

The weather continues to be amazing. The beach gets quieter and quieter though now that the weekend folks/holidayers aren’t around.

That heron didn’t stick around to hang out with us but did leave behind some cool footprints.

I walked on water. (No. Not really. Sorry for the blasphemy.)

Simple and delicious meal on the beach. Please note: my father-in-law makes amazing focaccia bread and my mother-in-law makes delicious balsamic dip to go with it and I ate a lot of both.

I ate an apple that I picked from a tree outside my front door. It was delicious. Also, we have to pick them before bears notice them and start hanging out in our yard. (The Sunshine Coast is different than the city! We had fruit trees when I was a kid but only birds came into the yard to eat them.)

I took five ferries in three days and got to hang out with a whole bunch of beautiful ladies that I like a lot and miss a lot, as well as celebrate the impending nuptials (that word got used a lot this weekend!) and imminent end of her life as a single lady of a dear friend.

Oh, and I also got to steer a ferry.

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