Porpoise Bay Hike

When we discovered that our favourite thrift store in Gibsons is closed on Mondays, Peter and I decided to go on a short hike instead. This was one he had had never done before and hike is perhaps a generous term for it although there was a fair bit of uphill. We headed to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, a place I actually camped at when I was a kid. My memories of that camping trip are as follows:

1. It rained the entire time. (This may or not be true.)

2. My brother and I fought the whole time. (This is very likely true).

3. We played Monopoly in the tent while it rained. (I’ve seen a photo.)

4. We hiked for hours. (Apparently it was only about one hour. It felt like days.)

Yesterday’s hike wasn’t the most picturesque I’ve ever been on. The temperature is dropping around here but it remains very dry. There was a lot of brown in the forest.

This would be a bad place to smoke. Were I inclined to smoke while hiking.

There were some spots of colour too!

This is an area that’s been logged in recent years and is growing back now so it lacks the dense undergrowth and huge trees that a lot of B.C. (fortunately) still has.

Autumn is coming!

We kept seeing these weird, clearly man-made structures scattered the woods. My husband helpfully identified them as bunkers for paintball.

Clearly, Pete’s an expert. I’ve never been paintballing but it’s pretty popular around here because there are so many places to run around in the forest.

When we returned home there was a package with my name on our doorstep. I had no idea what it contained. Here are my steps for receiving a surprise package:

1. Order something you want on-line. Do it kind of on a whim because you see a good deal while looking for something else.

2. Promptly forget complete about this order. It helps to be in the middle of packing and moving.

3. Order from some mystery company in Ontario so your purchase takes a really, really long time to arrive.

4. Spend the summer wishing you had the very thing you ordered. Continue to forget that you have already bought this item.

5. Open up your mystery package and realize that you’re kind of an idiot.

What do you think? Did I need new shoes? Truthfully, I am very rough on my shoes. I’m excited to have some new ones.

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