An Orchard and a Wedding

Peter and I were fortunate to be guests this weekend at the wedding of our friends Chris and Laura. It was a fabulous time of celebrating these two special people, as well as getting to see a lot of dear friends that we haven’t seen much since we left Victoria a year ago.

On the ferry Friday evening….

I’m missing Victoria like crazy today. It was a great visit but far too rushed and I wish I could spend more time in that lovely city. And, more importantly, more time to visit with friends there.

I like weddings but I LOVE my friends’ weddings. I love being present to share such a big step in life. Laura and I were roommates in a house full of girls for two years and we shared countless meals, movie nights, and conversations late into the night. We talked about the boys we liked, our plans for the future, our stresses about school. She sat on the floor with me and listened while I cried over a break-up. She cleaned out our kitchen cupboards and fed Peter and I dinner on our last night in Victoria. We didn’t live together when she started dating Chris but I got to hear her stories about him and watch their relationship develop. (All while comparing notes with mutual friends and deciding if this guy was worthy of our Laura!)

When Laura and I lived together, along with our four other roommates, there was a running joke in our house. We called it “the curse of the basement”. Basically, anyone who lived in the basement would end up moving out because they were getting married, even if they’d been single when they moved out. Of course, we teased each other endlessly about this so-called curse. Now that many of my former roommates, as well as myself, are married, we perhaps view it a little differently!

All in all it was a beautiful weekend (the weather was perfect!) and a lovely occasion. And today I’m a little jealous of the happy couple as they head off to their tropical honeymoon!

The newly-married couple steal a moment alone in the orchard:

The pastor who performed Laura and Chris’ ceremony this Saturday was the same pastor who married Peter and I. It was lovely to be reminded of our own special day.

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