Chapman Creek Hike

Yesterday was the double whammy of Thanksgiving Day and Peter’s birthday. Lucky guy got a holiday to celebrate his day.

In the afternoon we hiked along Chapman Creek. I’d done this hike with Peter once before, years ago on one of my first visits. It was a beautiful day and a really great little hike. The Creek is at a record low since our weather’s been so dry.

My kind sister-in-law lent me her camera after hearing about the demise of ours so you can thank her for the following pictures!

Looking down at Sechelt:

Like our last hike this is largely a new growth area. Along with some very non-B.C.-looking landscape:

The first time I did this hike Peter and I brought along his family’s dog, Maggie. In the picture above Peter is standing on a bridge with a metal grating under his feet. Maggie positively did not want to walk on the metal grating. In fairness to her, when you look down and see the rushing water, it is a little dizzying. When we started to cross ahead of her she whined like crazy. She simply could not stop looking down. We tried tugging her across and she went a little ways, legs splayed and walking like she was drunk, until she turned around. Finally, Peter had to carry her. It was my funniest moment ever with a sweet dog and Pete and I still frequently laugh about it.

Even with a lack of rain the waterfalls were still beautiful.

Graffiti and a rope swing (It kind of looks like a noose in some of my photos but it wasn’t.)

They try not to encourage you to walk across the water pipes.

Peter briefly considered it.

(Don’t worry, we stayed safe and followed the rules.)

We ended the day with yummy Italian food and an action movie.

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