The Bachelor Canada – Episode 2

Last night was our second episode of The Bachelor Canada. I have to say, I love that it’s taking place in Victoria. I lived in this lovely city for eight years and I’m really enjoying spotting some familiar places. Is that very Canadian of me? To be excited that somewhere I’ve been is on TV?

(Side note: This week I watched the movie The Big Year. There’s a scene where Steve Martin heads to Gibsons, British Columbia. Which happens to be about a 20 minute drive away from here on the Sunshine Coast. The scene cuts to Gibsons and immediately we all (me, Peter, and his sister) cried out, “That’s not Gibsons!” I think it was Kitsilano.)

The first group date takes us to New Orleans. (I missed the first few minutes so I’m not sure how that happened. It seems kind of far for one date.) Eight women are on this one. I didn’t see most of it but arrived in time to see Chantelle (the giggly pastor) receive the group date rose. Brad tells her that her “conservative mentality” is ok because she’s “so cute”. Gee, thanks. He tells her that she’s “the cutest person ever”. I don’t think they’re going to get married.

Melissa Marie (the Playboy model) is freaking out that she hasn’t had time with Brad and she misses her daughter. On the one hand, yes, why take time away from your young child if you’re not even sure that you like this random guy? On the other hand, you really can’t complain that it’s “not fair” when you chose to be on a TV show.

Next up, a second group date. Something different from the U.S. version. Brad and 4 ladies head to Las Vegas to race cars at a track. I seem to recall another Brad going on a date like this. The 4 women (Kara, Gabrielle, Whitney, and Sophie) have to race to see who gets to spend some alone time with Brad. They each do their lap around separately. It’s incredibly boring to watch. Whitney wins. Whitney likes winning (she reminds me of a former contestant who liked that word). She doesn’t say this but it’s pretty darn obvious. It’s a lot more obvious than whether or not she even likes Brad.

Laura B. (I can’t remember who the other Laura is) gets the first one-on-one date. This was my favourite one to watch because they spend it in Victoria. They are way more dressed up than the average Victorians. They basically just hang out downtown (but fancier), something I’ve done many, many times.

First they stand around the fountain at the Ledge (the Legislative buildings). They walk along the Inner Harbour (one of my favourite spots where I often spent time over the years) where a caricaturist draws their picture. They have dinner at the Empress. I’ve done that too! Though not on the front verandah like they did. Then they go inside for a private Jill Barber concert. This made me laugh because I’ve also seen Jill Barber in concert in Victoria. Usually I’ve never even heard of the acts they have on The Bachelor. Laura gets a rose.

Next thing we know it’s 5:30am and Brad is sneaking into the ladies mansion. He wants to give Ana a date since they haven’t spent any time together yet. I kind of think this is cute but I also can’t get past the thought that many women would hate this. I don’t know where Ana falls in the spectrum but some girls like to, uh, spend time getting ready for a date. They would not appreciate a guy they were trying to impress seeing them before they were ready.

But they have a nice date regardless of the rushed start. They get on a Harbour Air seaplane (I’ve been on one of those!) and fly to Tofino (I’ve been there!) Ana asks “What’s that?” She’s from Romania so we can forgive her. They walk along the beach and have a picnic, sitting on Hudson’s Bay blankets and drinking Canadian. Oh, Canada!

I have to say I really like the number of one-on-one dates Brad’s getting. He’s gotten 3 one-on-one dates this episode. Sure it’s still a dating show and totally unrealistic but a little better than the typical U.S. version.

Highlights of the Rose Ceremony:

  • Brad says he has feelings for all of the ladies. Really? Feelings like love or feelings like, “I’m hungry”?
  • Melissa Marie may have had too much to drink. She is intense and just seems angry at Brad.
  • I like Tia’s dress and Laura B.’s pockets.
  • Bianca seems very level-headed.
  • Are tiepins fashionable? I thought they were a little dorky now?
  • Whitney has a crazy vein pulsing on the side of her head.
  • Melissa Marie, Laura F. (Oh, there’s the other Laura.), Stephanie, and Michelle V. do not receive roses.

My favourites after this episode are Tia, Sophie, and Bianca. Possibly because those are the ladies we’ve seen the least of.

2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Canada – Episode 2”

  1. I can say that even if you watch the first few minutes of the episode, New Orleans doesn’t make sense. Canadian Bachelor should be taking some trips in Canada! And now I know how they are producing a decent-looking show without the US-style budget – product placement! That was a pretty nice HBC-themed picnic.
    I also love seeing familiar places on TV, that was part of my justification for watching Real Housewives of Vancouver, haha.

    1. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cheaper to fly from Victoria to New Orleans than to somewhere in Canada. But yes, they seem to be making some money from the Bay and Molson. I can’t really complain though because I’ve always wanted a Hudson’s Bay blanket.

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