The Bachelor Canada – Episode 4

We are zooming through the first season of the Canadian Bachelor. If you thought the regular Bachelor was a fast way to “find love”, we Canadians are even speedier apparently. Next week is hometown dates already. I can’t even keep track of all the ladies’ names yet!

This was not a super exciting episode but here it goes.

Date #1: The group date

  • Britany, Gabrielle, Kara and Ana are chosen for a fashion shoot with LOULOU magazine. (I had to look up the name to make sure I got it right. I’ve never heard of this magazine.)
  • It’s pretty obvious this is all about product placement and advertising. It’s not just a coincidence that they’re doing the ladies up with Rimmel make-up and every commercial break has an ad for Rimmel.
  • Britany tells us she’s a small town girl about 130 times. I believe she’s from Swift Current, which has a population of 15,000. (I looked it up. I don’t know Saskatchewan population stats off the top of my head.) Well, Brit, I live in a smaller town. I am not a small town girl though.
  • Anyway, Britany’s freaking out about having her picture taken and worrying that she’s not as pretty as the other girls. And, you know what, that’s a really normal concern of women. Sadly, many women feel that way. I thought it was fairly perceptive of Brad to realize this (maybe a producer told him) and take the time to take to Britany. I wish he could have been a little more enthusiastic in building her up but it’s also pretty obvious that she’s not one of his top picks.
Brad and Britany pose for the camera. What are some “BR” names they could call their kids?
  • Later in the date Britany takes time to explain to Brad that her father has struggled with depression and alcoholism. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable with the fact that she had to share something like that on TV to a guy she barely knew. Did she really want to share all that? Sure, in the real world, if you were about to bring a guy home to meet your parents, you’d want him to know all that. But you’d obviously be at a much more serious point in your relationship.

Next we have the obligatory contestant-sneaks-out-to-see-the-lead. This seems to happen every season. This time it’s Whitney. Of course they make it seem like, oh no, she might get in trouble! Really? There is a camera crew following her. Obviously those in charge know she is there. How else do you think she found your room, Brad? Also, as my husband pointed out, they are adults. In the real world, adults don’t get in trouble for seeing another adult that they’re dating.

Brad, unfortunately, is happy that Whitney is here. Maybe it’s just the edit she’s getting but Whitney scares me. Brad tells her about the deaths of two of his closest friends and begins to cry as he does so. I don’t know if Whitney felt uncomfortable or what but she didn’t move or change expressions while he cried. She doesn’t reach out to hold his hand or give him a hug. And at the end, she tells him, “I better get that one-on-one date.”

Brad is making a classic mistake here. He thinks he and Whitney are closer now because he shared something intimate with her. He doesn’t seem to realize that she hasn’t shared anything with him. Their intimacy is not a two-way deal here.

Date #2: The 2-on-1 date

  • Bianka and Laura go to Paris! Yes, Paris. For a couple of days. Would that be really cool or would it kind of suck?
  • Format’s a bit different than we’re used to with the American version. Rather than a single, super awkward date with one guy and two girls, Brad has two separate dates and then chooses between the ladies.
  • It’s less awkward to watch but still kind of weird when you realize that Brad is wearing the same clothes and the dates seem to occur back to back.
  • Laura’s date is first. Brad is concerned that she is not emotionally mature enough.
  • Brad tells her that kissing under the Eiffel Tower is good luck. Uh, really? Is that a thing? I have never ever heard that. I think Brad made that up. Our friend who watched the episode with us says that he will go to France and try to use this line. Good luck!
  • They walk around in the rain and then they’re somewhere wearing white robes? It makes me uncomfortable.
  • On Brad’s date with Bianka we learn that Brad is not good at sharing umbrellas. Seriously, Bianka even tells him so and he does little to improve. As a girl from the wet West Coast, this is important to me.
  • We see Brad use his Quebecois French at a Parisian cafe. The waitress doesn’t spit at him even with his Canadian accent!
  • Brad thinks that Bianka is the most realistic and he tells her he loves being with her. Yeah, she’s gonna win this date-off.
  • Brad changes into a bright pink shirt and then puts on a baby blue jacket. I did not make that up. It looks Terrible. 80stastic.
  • Brad makes his choice between Laura and Bianka while they are standing at the side of the road. There are cars passing by and a ton of background noise. It really seems like they could have chosen a better spot to film this.
Laura, Brad, and Bianka in Paris. Many cars drive past them.
  • Bianka gets the rose and Laura watches while Brad and Bianka ride off in a carriage together.

Date #3: 1-on-1

  • From Paris to Penticton. So romantic!
  • Whitney gets this one-on-one rose, which sort of seems unfair because she already spent time with him.
  • Wait, Whitney’s 24? That’s gotta be a lie, right? I mean, she looks much older. I would have guessed 32. She can’t be younger than me.
  • Whitney and Brad rappel off the side of a cliff. It’s pretty boring.
  • They have dinner at a vineyard (of course, it’s the Okanagan) and Whitney gets a rose.
Brad and Whitney rappel down a cliff. It’s like love or something.

We cut back to the mansion on Bear Mountain to see Chantelle receive a phone call from home. Her grandfather has died. I don’t know if the producers knew beforehand what this phone call would contain but it really seems inappropriate to film Chantelle’s reaction to the news of her grandfather’s death. If it were me, the last thing I would want is a camera in my face while I deal with that kind of loss.

Chantelle opts to leave for the funeral and to be with her family. Which is totally reasonable and admirable. It did seem odd though that her returning didn’t even seem to be an option. I don’t know if that was her choice or Brad’s. Maybe she’ll be the one to return in one of the last episodes. (There’s always someone.)

The Rose Ceremony:

  • Whitney and Bianka already have roses and therefore guaranteed hometown dates.
  • The last two roses go to Kara and Gabrielle.
  • Gabrielle was a surprise as I don’t see what she and Brad have in common. I predict that she’ll go home next episode.
  • Final predictions? Either Bianka or Kara. Kara seems like perhaps the smarter choice but Brad seems to have more chemistry with Bianka.

2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Canada – Episode 4”

  1. Good review, as always. I’m finding this season to be even less believable than the US version, primarily because of the pace of the show. I hope he chooses Kara in the end, though I have a sneaking suspicion it might be Whitney.
    And how about that news of Emily and Jef breaking up?!

    1. Apparently it’s only 9 episodes long, which is crazy short if you’re actually hoping people believe he’ll find true love. I hope he picks Kara too. Surely, a nice BC girl will win out over scary Whitney.

      Jef and Emily broke up practically the same week as Ben and Courtney! The Bachelor as a whole isn’t looking so good. I’m surprised that Jef and Emily broke up so soon and that Ben and Courtney lasted so long.

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