Scenes From a Sunday

After a few days of rain and a tsunami warning* last night, a day of sun came as a surprise.

This morning before church.

Afternoon on the beach.

I’ve heard people from eastern Canada (Please note: I consider anything east of the Rockies to be eastern Canada but usually when I say “eastern Canada” I mean Ontario and beyond.) complain that we don’t have a “real fall” here on the west coast. Personally, I don’t think that’s true at all and what does “real fall” mean anyway? Our seasons definitely change, though the change may look different. I love fall on the west coast because a) it’s the only fall I really know and as such I’ve spent years learning its signs and intricacies and little beauties and b) it’s a perfect combination. Let me explain. See, here on the west coast of B.C. it rains. A lot. Many people see this as a downside but the huge perk of it is that it’s almost always green around here. Add to that the fact that this land is covered with coniferous evergreens and we get to look at a lot of green. I love the fact that even as leaves change colour and drop, the world around here still looks thriving and alive. The deciduous trees are sparks of colour, something unique, scattered in among our steadfast pines and cedars and firs.

* The tsunami warning was not that serious where we are, thankfully, though it is a reminder of a possible danger. I’m thankful to hear this morning that the damage from Canada’s 3rd largest recorded earthquake has been minimal.

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