Bachelor Canada – Episode 6

We have (very quickly) reached the ickiest episode of The Bachelor – the fantasy dates. The Bachelor Canada departed from its American predecessor by locating these three dates in Canada, rather than a tropical location.

Brad and our three remaining ladies (Bianka, Kara, and Whitney) head east to the Canadian Maritimes. Somewhere I hope to visit one day. It definitely looked beautiful.

Date #1: Bianka

  • We begin in Ferryland, Newfoundland. It looks a little chilly.
  • Brad and Bianka go sea kayaking out to an iceberg. Bianka most definitely did not enjoy herself. Personally, I thought her complaining was a little annoying. As someone who went kayaking just last week in the rain, I didn’t have a ton of sympathy for Bianka’s fear of waves. (She is from Mississauga so her sea experience is likely minimal.) Yes, you can flip a kayak and the water is hypothermia-cold but, really, you are not going to die on The Bachelor. It just isn’t going to happen.

  • That said, I appreciate that Bianka didn’t pretend to have a good time. Too often women pretend they’re enjoying themselves just to impress a guy.
  • Bianka calls Brad “babe” a lot, which suggests to me that she thinks of him as her boyfriend.
  • Brad presents Bianka with the invitation to spend the night together in “the fantasy suite”. Bianka is reluctant because there are still 2 other ladies. Seems reasonable to me. She tells Brad that any woman in her position would feel the same way. Brad tells her that he’s talked to Kara and Whitney and they don’t mind. Ooh, Brad, big mistake. Not the time to bring them up. Eventually Bianka does agree and we look away uncomfortably as they head to their B&B.

Date #2: Kara

  • Brad picks Kara up in a private jet and they head to Nova Scotia. Brad’s purple outfit reminded me of Willy Wonka.

  • They go skeet shooting. From the way Brad talks about Kara, we can guess that he won’t pick her. He keeps referring to “how similar” they are, as if that’s a bad thing. The thing is, he doesn’t want to be with Kara and that’s fine; you don’t have to have a bunch of specific reasons to date someone, you either do or don’t. But it feels like Brad thinks he has to provide a made-up reason.
  • Kara does not hesitate over the fantasy suite invitation.

Date #3: Whitney

  • This date takes place in P.E.I. Brad shows up wearing a woman’s sweater. Seriously.

  • I mean, that’s a woman’s crocheted sweater, right? I would wear that. Is this a joke someone played on Brad?
  • Brad and Whitney go lobster-fishing. Which apparently means making out on a lobster boat while the fishermen do the work.
  • Brad refers to Whitney as “emotionally-repressed”. That’s romantic.
  • Whitney says yes to the fantasy suite.

Rose Ceremony

  • As everyone prepares for a rose ceremony in Dalvay, P.E.I. we see Whitney having an emotional moment. At least, I’m sure it would be emotional if her face were capable of expressing emotion.
  • Whitney tells the camera/her sister over the phone that she isn’t sure if this is what she wants or if she should be there.
  • My thoughts: Whitney likes to win. She’s been playing a game and now that she’s close to potentially winning, she’s realizing she might not actually want the prize.
  • The rose ceremony takes place. Bianka, and then Whitney receive roses. As Brad steps forward to say good-bye to Kara, Whitney darts in, interrupting to tell Brad she has to talk to him right away.
  • Brad correctly says, “This is awkward.” He pretty clearly doesn’t want to talk to Whitney.
  • Whitney awkwardly attempts to tell him…something. It’s unclear what she really wants to say to Brad. Brad is too annoyed to pay much attention and simply tells her to apologize to Kara before he walks his latest dumpee out.
  • Peter and I had a longer-than-this-show-warrants conversation about The Bachelor this morning and agreed that Whitney should have pulled Brad aside before the Rose Ceremony and told Brad how she felt. Waiting until after he gave her a rose…not cool.

Next week: The Women Tell All

5 thoughts on “Bachelor Canada – Episode 6”

  1. What I couldn’t determine from the super-awkward rose ceremony was if Whitney actually left or quit the show? It seemed like it was going that way, but we didn’t see her leave.

    1. I don’t think she left. If she did, Bianka would “win” by default and that would be weird. I think though that she might have been trying to leave? It was kind of confusing.

  2. Sort of… if it’s on & I’m home I’ll watch it. Otherwise I have you to fill me in! (I’ve seen parts of all but one episode.)

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