The Bachelor Canada Finale

Well, it’s been a whirlwind romance, but true love has prevailed. So far. I think.

Our Canadian finale opens in Hudson, Quebec, Bachelor Brad Smith’s hometown. In a change from the American version, Brad will bring his two final ladies home to meet his parents.

  • Whitney seems to have made a complete about face from her “I’m not sure I’m ready to get engaged” Rose Ceremony interruption last week. Now she tells us she’s ready to get married and that she loves Brad.
  • Brad and Whitney meet at a golf course and Brad apologizes to Whitney for forcing her to be emotional, something she’s not. I’m not sure he really owed her an apology here but, okay, he’s trying to make it work.
  • Brad has a favourite golf course. Who doesn’t, right? Apparently he spent his childhood summer there. To me, a golf course seems like the worst place ever to spend summers as a kid but I guess Brad liked it. He notes that “my family has a house near here”. A house. As in, they have more than one.
  • Whitney does not enjoy golf. I’m with you there, Whit.
  • They drive from the golf course to his parents’ house. That seems weird. I don’t golf but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to drive away in the golf cart.
  • They arrive still wearing their matching, plaid golf outfits and Whitney has to meet Brad’s family and then change. A minor issue really, but I felt bad for her. I know that if I were meeting a boyfriend’s parents I would want to look my best right away, not a few minutes later.
  • Short version: The dinner does not go well. It’s hard to say how much is editing but they really made it look like Whitney sat in silence as Brad’s family asked her questions. Brad jumps in to answer for her and his sister, Ashley, demands to know why Whitney can’t speak for herself. Brad gets into an argument with his friend, Mike (who is there for some reason) and says Whitney needs a lot of time to think her answers through.
  • Brad’s mom and sister then take Whitney into the kitchen and demand, “Do we make you nervous?” Let me tell you, as a somewhat shy person, I have been asked this question before. It’s the worst. There is no right answer here. Say yes and then you seem to be telling the person there’s something wrong with them. Say no and you’re lying. The thing is, it’s okay to be nervous. It’s not okay to clam up entirely. Either way though, I feel bad for Whitney at this point.
  • Brad tells us that it’s hard work with Whitney.

Next up is Bianka!

  • Brad picks Bianka up in a car that probably isn’t his and takes her on a tour of his hometown. Peter gleefully points out that this date is “indicative of getting married”. Bianka gets a date where Brad takes her to places that are special to him. Whitney gets a tourist date.
  • They go and eat hot dogs at Brad’s favourite place. Bianka is excited because Brad has told her a lot about these hot dogs and also because she’s “a food conneisseur”. Uh, those things are not compatible, my dear. Then they kiss while they’re eating hot dogs which is kind of gross.
  • They arrive at Brad’s family’s house. Bianka is dressed much more casually than Whitney was and she also brings beer. Great way to endear yourself with the in-laws!
  • Brad’s sister, Ashley, shows us that she’s simply hard to please when she declares that Bianka’s answers seem too polished and perfect. Again, Brad’s lady is lured into the kitchen by Ashley and Leesa. This time, though, it goes much better and ends with hugs all around.
  • Things do get weird though when Ashley talks about how much she cares for her brother. She seems to be saying that the only thing keeping her from going after him herself is that they’re siblings.
  • When Brad gathers his family together later, they unequivocally give Bianka their stamp of approval.

The next stop on this journey of love is Barbados.

  • Brad describes Barbados as “a second home”. Ok, Brad, we get it, you’re rich!
  • To drive this point home, Brad and Bianka play polo. A sport which looks both ridiculous and pretty fun. Brad says that he needs to see how Bianka does in a sport because kayaking didn’t go so well and he’s a pretty active guy. That actually makes sense to me considering he’s a former professional athlete and sports are likely still a big part of his life. Also, they keep referring to their experience as “sea kayaking” which was funny to me because we kayak a fair bit here and it’s always in the sea and we just call it “kayaking”.
  • Then Brad and Whitney hang out on a yacht. The background music playing while they look out at the water makes me feel like one of them is going to drown.
  • But nobody drowns. Instead they have a confusing argument about communication, which, ironically, is very unclear. What is clear is that they’re pretty unhappy together. Which you definitely shouldn’t be after 2 months and days before getting engaged.
  • From here on out, it’s clear. So it isn’t surprising when we next see Brad showing up at Whitney’s door and telling her they need to talk.
  • Whitney says she has something to say too but Brad insists on going first, which may have been a mistake. He tells her she’s amazing but they aren’t right for each other. Classic break-up stuff. Whitney promptly shuts the door in his face. When she re-opens it, she tells him that he isn’t allowed to be disrespectful to her and she walks away. Brad chases her briefly and then realizes he doesn’t want to chase a girl down just to break up with her and so that’s kind of it.
  • My take: Whitney say the good-bye speech coming and wanted to be the one to give it. She likes to maintain the power position and her version of “disrespect” was Brad taking that from her. Either way, she doesn’t seem too upset in her taxi ride out.
  • Now Brad tells us there was never really a choice and it’s been Bianka all along. Which might be true but really isn’t the concept of the show.
  • A ring dealer who isn’t Neil Lane (Tacori, I think) shows up with 6 rings for Brad to choose from. All 3 of us watching thought 6 rings was a pretty small amount to choose from.
This made me nervous. What if he dropped the ring in the pool?
  • Then follows…a whole lot of man tears. Brad Smith’s a weeper. He weeps with joy over his ring selection and he weeps with joy as Bianka makes her way down a catwalk to an awkwardly set stage. She seems to have been pretty confident about the proposal because she chose to wear a white, very wedding-like dress.
  • Our happy ending plays out over (no joke) a Bryan Adam’s song and a montage of the newly-engaged couple. God Bless Canada, I guess.

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