Christmas Tree Hunt 2012

I’ve pointed out before that Peter and I had rather different childhood experiences. When I was a kid, at Christmas time, we would go to the parking lot of John Oliver High and pick out a pre-cut Christmas tree from the Lions Club. This was often done in the rain and it often took a lot of time as we discussed the merits of Douglas Fir versus Noble Fir. Then the Lions Club volunteer would trim off the trunk and we would strap it the car and drive home. The first Christmas tree I ever remember having was a plastic one – though that was in Hong Kong where there are not so many evergreens.

Peter’s family, on the other hand, gets out a saw, gets into the car, and drives into the forest to cut down a tree. The common denominator, from what I can see, is the rain. And either way you end up with a Christmas tree so they’re both nice traditions.

This weekend I got to participate in the Great Christmas Tree Hunt for the second time.


This is as much snow as I’ve seen yet this winter.


Mostly, it’s wet.


But Peter worked hard…


…and we got our tree!

We head out of town soon for the holidays so I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to blog again before Christmas. So, a very Merry Christmas to you all!


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