The Bachelor Sean – Episode 4: Facts and Quotes

“It seems like everything’s going very, very well.” – Chris Harrison, who must have just gotten the recap from an intern somewhere.

Fact: Sean’s closet is not that tidy. I bet AshLee the Professional Organizer could help him with that.

“I want to take it to the next level and then the next level and then have…babies.” – Selma re: her first date with Sean

“I definitely want Sean to see that I do have a heart.” – Leslie H. Because you can’t assume that people have all of their organs.

“The other night Selma mentioned that people are quick to judge her based on her looks.” – Sean. (This may be true because, let’s face it, Selma is very beautiful, but how do you bring that up about yourself in a conversation. “Did you notice how pretty I am? People judge me.”

Fact: Private planes aren’t really a surprise anymore on this show.

“He took the Iraqi to a desert.” – Selma

“I am so disappointed.” – Selma, re: her first date with Sean

“I’m not going to say there aren’t snakes out here.” – Sean, re: Joshua Tree National Park

“I feel puffy.” – Selma

Fact: Selma doesn’t like the heat. Sure, she rallies and seems to do okay with the rock climbing but I’ve never heard anyone complain so much on a date.

“Selma loved everything about today’s date.” – Sean

Fact: Not a fact.

“To kiss someone on national television – I think my mom would literally have a heart attack.” – Selma, who comes from a traditional Muslim background. (What about the yoga pants and cuddling with this white guy in a trailer park? How does your mom feel about that?)

Fact: If you were doing shots every time Selma says “culture”…well, you get the idea.

“I have aggression that I’ve been building up.” – Tierra. (For 24 years or so.)

“No, I totally have never done this before.” – Amanda, who lied about her roller derby expertise and made me laugh.

“Amanda could have a broken jaw and that could be dangerous.” – Sean (I think the danger part is finished and the horrible consequence part is beginning.)

Fact: I have had stitches on my chin on four separate occasions. I have never broken my jaw.

“Tonight I want them to let loose, spend time with me, and not worry about cracking their jaw.” – Sean, who should have thought about that before he took everyone on a roller derby group date.

“All I get is a kiss on the chin?” – Amanda, following her return from the hospital with her unbroken jaw.

“Girls need to start becoming women.” – Tierra, who just complained about the ladies acting like they were in high school. (That’s where girls become women, Tierra.)

“Have you talked to AshLee about this?” – Sarah to Tierra as AshLee sits down next to them.

“No, I don’t trust anybody here.” – Tierra

“Me?” – AshLee, who probably wishes she sat somewhere else

“Sean’s a great guy but why should I be tortured every day?” – Tierra

“She never responds. It’s so weird.” – Catherine

“It’s torture. It’s seriously torture.” – Tierra

Fact: It’s not.

Possible fact: Is Leslie H the first African-American to receive a one-on-one date in Bachelor history? Can anyone verify this for me?

“This is every girls’ dream.” – Leslie H, re: her “Pretty Woman” style date.

Fact: It’s not. I would find this date so horribly awkward.

“Maybe something around the neck?” – Neil Lane, who seems to have forgotten the word “necklace” despite being a jeweller.

“Fact: Leslie H and Sean have zero chemistry.

“Sometime’s a person is great on paper but it just doesn’t work out.” – Sean, who seems to know a thing or two about foreshadowing.

Fact: Watching Sean listen to Ben Taylor after he sent Leslie H home was awkward.

Also fact: Ben Taylor is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. With a musical pedigree like that, he should be doing better than performing on The Bachelor.

“At the end of the day I’m not going to let anyone bash a hammer over my head.” – Tierra (Uh, what? Was someone trying to?)

“I’ve learned to accept you for you.” – Tierra, to Robyn, in the world’s worst apology.

“Tierra-able.” – Catherine, who just became the most clever contestant on The Bachelor and my new favourite.

“I hate drama.” – Tierra (Please view The Law of Drama as graphed by Shout out to my friend, Dawn, who reminded me of that comic in regards to Kacie in last week’s episode. Hi Dawn!)

“Unless it was detrimental to my relationship with Sean I don’t think there’s a need to say anything.” – Catherine re: Tierra. (And Catherine just became my favourite contender.)

(Also, total aside, but does Tierra remind anyone else of Whitney from The Bachelor Canada? But looks more like Britney Spears?)

Fact: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsey, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, Daniella. Farewell to Amanda and Leslie H (who went home after her date.)

My picks for Sean’s final four, as of this week: Desiree, Lesley, AshLee and Sarah.

My favourites: Catherine, Sarah, and AshLee (Did anyone else notice how kind she was to Sarah? It made me like her.)


Bachelor Sean – Episode 3

“I had no idea I would have feelings for girls this early.” – Sean

Yeah, yeah, you’re so surprised. It is weird to me that he would have feelings at all for women he’s barely spent an hour with, but the lead says this every season. You’d think they’d stop being surprised.

“This could totally take our relationship to the next level. Which is a great thing.” – Lesley M., re: her one-on-one date with Sean.

Yep, a date where there aren’t other girls is usually a good step in a relationship.

“It’s literally a dream come true.” – Lesley M.

Another girl who doesn’t know what literally means. Which is too bad because I feel like Lesley M. is supposed to be this season’s “smart” girl.

“Normally I would probably wait until the evening to crank up the romance.” – Sean

No, you wouldn’t want to do anything romantic during the daytime. Not on a date. This made me laugh because my first two dates I ever had with my husband were breakfast dates. I didn’t realise it was so unconventional for them to have been romantic.

“There’s a huge crowd.” – Lesley M. re: the crowd gathered to watch her and Sean break the world record for longest on-screen kiss.

There’s not a huge crowd. In fact, the camera is very carefully staying panned in to make us think there might be more people there. There’s not. Would you gather on the sidewalk to watch two strangers kiss for three and a half minutes?

“Three minutes and fifteen seconds is a long time to kiss.” – Sean, who doesn’t seem all that excited.

“At first it’s so passionate. And then it’s a little awkward.” – Lesley M.

That might be the truest statement of the episode.

“The hardest part was trying not to laugh.” – Sean.

I’m sure Lesley M. loved hearing that.

“It’s a little awkward, watching them.” – lady on the street.

Oh wait, there it is. The truest statement of the episode.

“I know what it takes to win on and off the field.” – Amanda, who seems to think she is auditioning to star in some sort of sporty PSA when she is, in fact, going on a date with twelve other women.

“The moment I see Chris Harrison I know things are not going to be fine for someone.” – Kacie, who has, after all, done this before. Poor Chris.

“This is literally my worst nightmare; I am so bad at volleyball.” – Daniella.

Last week I pointed out Daniella’s misuse of the word “literally”. She may be using it correctly this time. Maybe she really does have horrible dreams about playing volleyball.

“This is going to be an ugly game.” – Taryn

I think she meant that it would be very competitive but it turned out to be ugly because these girls are bad at volleyball. Like, really bad. (And I’m bad at volleyball too, so I know what I’m talking about.)

“Oh my gosh, I am just, like, so amazed by you.” – Lindsay

This lady is a teacher? Really?

“You look so good in your little bikini.” – Sean, to Desiree.

Now, I like Sean and Desiree. Their interactions and repoire seem like they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re very comfortable together and it’s nice to watch. This, however, seemed like a weird thing to say on TV.
“This isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.” – Amanda, who maybe really is making an audition tape for a coaching job.

“I don’t think he’ll tolerate drama so I’m going to use it to my advantage.” – Kacie

Oh, Kacie, Kacie, Kacie. Did you learn nothing on your first season of The Bachelor? (Clearly not or why would you come back?) Guys don’t like drama, you’re right. But being the girl to tell a guy about drama makes you look dramatic. Being that girl on The Bachelor never goes well. (Being that guy on The Bachelorette, however, has a slightly better record.)

“Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine. Why are you involving yourself?” – Sean to Kacie.

I loved this response. Also, when he told her she was being crazy.

“My plan doesn’t seem to be panning out.” – Kacie.

“Nothing will go wrong today.” – AshLee, before her one-on-one date with Sean.

Obviously something is about to go wrong. Cue Tierra falling down the stairs.

“As a guy who’s had several concussions, my first though is, we gotta get her to a hospital.” – Sean

Sean does seem like the kind of guy who would have a few concussions, right? (And I don’t mean that he’s dumb, I mean that he’s the type of person who would keep doing something that causes concussions even after he’d had one or two. Like playing football.)

“Maybe Sean is her magic potion.” – Catherine, who seems skeptical of Tierra’s quick recovery after Sean’s arrival.

It did seem odd to me that when Tierra first falls there is the crew around her but as soon as Sean arrives, there’s nobody but him. Is he a trained medical professional? Why is it up to him to decide that she needs to go to the hospital?

Long, non-dramatic story short, Tierra does not go the hospital and Sean and AshLee go to Six Flags. I was disappointed in AshLee’s lack of excitement when she learned they had an amusement park to themselves. Also, both AshLee and Lesley M. were way more dressed up on their dates than Sean.

“Look how manly he is.” – re: Sean carrying a giant stuffed giraffe.

“I can feel the love coming from your heart.” – Sean to AshLee.

What does that even mean? (I did secretly like it that Sean cried over AshLee’s life story.)

“I’m only doing this because I see the big picture. I trust that it works because it worked for me before.” – Sean, at the rose ceremony.

Except…it didn’t work for you, Sean. Emily chose someone else. And it didn’t work for her either because she’s single now.

“I want to punch some walls.” – Tierra, who likes punching, I guess.

“I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another rose ceremony.” – Sean to Kacie before sending her home.

This sounds really nice until you consider the fact he has no problem making all the other women stand through a rose ceremony, particularly Taryn and Kristy, who he sends home at the end.

Blue Monday Happiness

Today is unofficially marked as “Blue Monday” – the so-called “most depressing day of the year”. There’s some pseudo-science calculation behind it that has to do with the weather/length between holidays/bills arriving after Christmas. If you’re in Australia right now, you’re probably fine.

We had a not very relaxing weekend, I’ve worked 11 of the last 12 days, and it’s so foggy outside I can’t see the ocean from my window today.

But….it hasn’t rained in a week…all those days of work mean extra money…and there is much in this world to rejoice over.

Here are a few happy moments captured in the past week:

A beautiful sunset last week. The sunsets lately have been amazing. I won’t inundate you with the photos I have but I’ve been out there almost every night because each one has been stunning.


Hot coffee, homemade cinnamon knots, and green electrical tape on my laptop.


$6 bought me seven books at the thrift store.


The frozen surface of Trout Lake. (Important note: a thrown stone cracked the ice, so I would not recommend taking a walk across here.)


A forewarning of fog at Trout Lake yesterday.




One more sunset picture, from last night.


We live in a beautiful world. May you find things to be happy about on this Blue Monday.

The Bachelor Episode 2: The Week in Quotes

Shirtless Sean count: 6 scenes

First date goes to….Sarah!

“I didn’t need an explanation, she’s gorgeous!” – Bachelor Sean, referring to Sarah’s explanation about the fact that she has only one arm. Sean may not need an explanation but it seems like the camera operators do. There were a ridiculous number of close-ups of Sarah’s partial arm.

“I do consider myself a man.” – Bachelor Sean

“He is the perfect guy for me.” – Sarah. After one date with Sean.

Next up, group date:

“He was kind of, like, ‘Princesses! I’m coming!'” – Selma, describing Sean at the castle, who definitely didn’t use the voice she used.

“Harlequin novels – the most trusted name in romance.” – Bachelor Sean. Really? Is ‘trusted’ the word you want to use?

(Side note: If my years as a second hand book store employee taught me anything it’s that Harlequins are terrible. Seriously, you can not give those things away.)

“Did you see Kristy’s reaction? Homegirl’s a little excited?” – Katie

Why was Kristy so excited? Isn’t she supposed to be a professional model? Presumably, she goes on photo shoots all the time…does she refer to them all as “a dream come true”? (Also, I would be super embarrassed to win a contest that meant I would appear on the cover of a Harlequin novel.)

“I don’t appreciate her personality.” – Robyn, speaking about Tierra. She said other things about Tierra but this was the only statement I felt comfortable quoting in a blog that my mother and my mother-in-law read.

“I look like I’m going to an 80s rock concert. But I need some dental work.” – Katie, who was styled for a vampire romance scene. Yep, that’s a “real” genre now. Thanks, Stephenie Meyer!

“I thought he would be shirtless in all of them.” – Catherine, who is disappointed that Sean’s shirt is merely unbuttoned and not all the way off.

“This is, like, not okay with me.” – Daniella, re: Lesley and Sean making out a few feet away from her.

“I feel excessively uncomfortable here.” – Katie. That’s probably because you seem like a normal person. Katie further proves this by deciding to leave the mansion and going home. Best of luck, Katie, as you live your normal life.

“The second time around you’re a lot smarter.” – Kacie, who made the choice to be on the Bachelorette. Twice.

“I wanted to punch her.” – Tierra, when Kacie receives the group date rose.

One-on-One Date with Desiree:

“Tonight we’re going to test Desiree.” – Bachelor Sean. That’s exactly what girls want guys to say before their first date, right?

“Go put yourself together.” – Host Chris Harrison, gesturing to his own suit while speaking to Sean, who is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Are you sure it’s not burnt? Has it been in the oven the whole time?” – Desiree, when Sean tells her dinner is ready at his place. I think she was joking and if so, this is funny. But I’m concerned that I couldn’t tell for sure.

“It just felt right…to make out a little.” – Desiree, on her first date with Bachelor Sean.

“It’s scary to know girls like Lindsay can pop on to my radar.” – Bachelor Sean, who meant this as a compliment but it makes Lindsay sound like a Soviet submarine.

“I feel like tonight is literally a tornado…of negativity.” – Daniella, who does not know what the word literally means. Or what a tornado is.

“I’ve dated everybody.” – Bachelor Sean. You certainly have.

“You’re fluent in Farsi?” – Selma. Sweetie, think before you speak. (Selma, it seems, speaks Farsi and Arabic, so that’s cool.)

“I feel like she may not be here for the right reasons.” – Lesley M, speaking about Amanda. We should start a “right reasons” count.

Brooke and Diana went home after the rose ceremony.

My favourites after the second episode: Desiree and Leslie H. They’re really pushing the connection between Sean and Desiree on their date which makes me think it will not be Desiree at the end but she does seem like a nice girl. Maybe she’ll be the next Bachelorette.

A Year in Blogging

To celebrate the one year anniversary of this here blog, I scrolled through some of the search terms that have brought people here. Some made me laugh and/or wonder. Here are a few of my favourites, along with some random pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Two things I love.

Two things I love.

peculiar children

First Google result:

My post: Book review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

If they were looking for information about Riggs’ book, then this isn’t such a weird search. Or these were some parents with strange kids…

Feasting on delicious crab that was out in the ocean only hours before.

Feasting on delicious crab that was out in the ocean only hours before.

guy driving boat

First Google result: “What do you call the person who drivers a boat?”

My post: Possibly this Bachelor recap or this one. Or, I thought, perhaps this one about fishing.

This isn’t a weird search but it seemed bizarre that it came up a few times. What were these people really looking for?

Using the new lens to creep on a friend checking crab traps.

Using the new lens to creep on a friend checking crab traps.

fake love

First Google result: Love quotes

My post: This Valentine’s Day post.

Again, only weird because multiple people googled this and arrived here. I picture someone fresh from a break-up. Hope Google helped your heartbreak.

New signs on the trail at Chapman Creek.

New signs on the trail at Chapman Creek.

movember ending

First Google result: Official site of Movember?

My post: Not about movember at all.

I don’t know if this was a typo or a desperate desire to not see any more hipsters with mustaches. Either way, I sympathize.

Mushrooms on a stump along the trail at Chapman Creek.

Mushrooms on a stump along the trail at Chapman Creek.

engagement gum boots

First Google Result: Fans of Gumboots!

My post: I’m actually not sure. I’ve written about engagement rings and I’ve written about my gumboots (lots) but never have I thought to combine the two. If you are the person who searched for engagement gum boots, let me know! And kudos to you on your romantic creativity!

Chapman Creek.

Chapman Creek.

the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian sucks

First Google result: Some quotes from the book.

My post: My review of Sherman Alexie’s novel.

Sorry you had to write a book report on this book, kid! Hopefully you’ll grow up to have better taste in literature.

Sunset outside our front door.

Sunset outside our front door.

chris bachelorette so immature

First Google result: my blog!

Of all of the people who think Chris from the Bachelorette is immature, I’m the top!

Homemade wonton soup!

Homemade wonton soup!

poor cowboy the bachelor

First Google result: Wikipedia on Joe Millionaire

My post: Probably this Bachelor recap.

I’m not really sure what this person was looking for. Was there a poor cowboy who was also the Bachelor? I didn’t watch the early seasons…someone please enlighten me!

Sargent Bay Park

Sargent Bay Park

it begins with canada day

First Google result: hints for a crossword puzzle

My post: The Canada Day Parade in Sechelt.

Doesn’t this sound ominous? Like something terrible is about to happen. Or July is starting.

Sargent Bay

Sargent Bay

“some book”

First Google result: Book recommendations on Yahoo! Answers.

My post: I’ve written a lot about books…it’s kind of a thing I like.

I am so curious as to what book this person was looking for. Please tell me!

A recent thrift store find.

A recent thrift store find.

slug keats island

First Google result: Keats Island official site? Maybe?

I feel compelled to point out that if you image search this query, two of my photos come up on the first page. Boo-yah!

My post: Camping on Keats Island. There were slugs.

The Bachelor Episode 1: No Rules

Last night began the latest in a long series of journeys for love. What season is this? 204? 7? I have no idea.

Sean is our Bachelor this time around. I’ve only followed the show since Brad’s second season but Sean seems the most Bachelor-y to me. By that I mean, he is Mr. America. He’s ridiculously blond, talks incessantly about his family and his desire for a family, and we saw him without his shirt on eight times in ten minutes.

The episode begins with Sean getting a visit from his good friend Arie (also dumped by Emily on the last season of the Bachelorette). Oh, they haven’t seen each other since they were both dumped by the same girl? That’s weird. It’s almost like they aren’t actually friends in real life and this is all for TV.

I thought this was a silly ploy to get Arie on TV but it was actually pretty funny as they practised how Sean could break up with girls.

Sean: “I just don’t see this going in a long-term direction.”

Arie: “That’s not what you said last night in the fantasy suite.”As the ladies arrived in their limos and the cocktail party began, Sean bucked Bachelor tradition by handing out roses willy-nilly, seemingly to almost every lady he talked to. Predictably, the ladies went rose-crazy, trying to figure out why people were already getting these coveted flowers.”There might not be any rules,” said one in a panic.This made me laugh because sometimes my mother-in-law tells us that there are no rules. Which usually leads to Peter saying that he’s going to take off his pants. (He doesn’t. We’re a pants-on kind of family.) This was a pants-on kind of cocktail party too, thankfully.

Contestant Catherine expressed it perfectly, describing the jealousy of seeing another lady with a rose but then, “We had to put our lady faces back on”. But she was actually “mean-mugging”. Whatever that means. Where is Catherine from? I think I want to be her friend.

Some ladies who stuck out to me:

Desiree – Working in a bridal shop and then going on the Bachelor raised a red flag for me at first because that just screams, too obsessed with getting married! But she actually seemed nice and pretty normal as the episode progressed.

Robyn – Who learned that just because you can do a back flip in your house doesn’t mean you can do one wearing heels and a fancy gown while meeting a man. She seemed lovely but was really trying to stress how quirky she was.

Kristy – First of all, don’t come up with a slogan for yourself. Just don’t do that. But if you insist on creating such a slogan, just say it quietly to yourself. Maybe write it in your diary. Do not repeat it multiple times on television.

AshLee – I was turned off by the fact that she is a professional organizer. My immediate thought was that there’s something wrong with her, something hidden and sinister. (This may be saying more about me than about her.) However, as the episode progressed, she seemed very normal and quite nice.

Katie – I liked the fact that she showed up barefoot. She’s probably too much of a hippy for Sean (I can’t picture him doing yoga) but she’d probably be pretty chill to hang out with.

Lindsay – Showing up in a wedding dress is a cute gimmick. After all, you’re there hoping to marry the guy, right? Kissing him before you tell him your name, when he clearly is not expecting or wanting it is less cute. I would be upset if someone I just met kissed me like that. That’s one of the reasons I probably will never be the Bachelorette. I had to laugh though when Sean told her he had a rape whistle.

Ashley P. (there are way too many ladies named Ashley) – Gets to be the crazy contestant of the first night. This is clear during her intro when she launches straight into her love of the “novel” Fifty Shades of Grey. Listen, going on about your love of pornography on a blind date is probably not a good idea. She then proceeds to get very drunk and dance, by herself, near Sean. “That girl’s a trip,” says Sean. “She’s fifty shades of drunk.” Bachelor Sean – funnier than I thought he was.

In the end, 12 ladies already have roses before the rose ceremony even begins. No rules! It’s chaotic but not as crazy as Chris Harrison seems to think. At the rose ceremony, Sean sends drunken 50 Shades lady home but keeps drunken bridal dress-wearing lady.

My top picks based on the first episode would be: Desiree, Selma, AshLee, Sarah, Tierra. Roughly in that order. I think. We’ll see. There are no rules! Anything could happen!

Small Town Perils – Part Two

As I’ve shared before, living in a small town comes with its own, sometimes strange, difficulties.

Say you’re doing some Christmas shopping. You decide on (what you hope is) the perfect gift for your in-laws. You have to go to a specific location to pick up this gift, a nice restaurant that they haven’t been to yet. While there, you run into an acquaintance. You stop and chat. He is a friend of Peter’s parents. Everything is fine.

“Say hello to your parents,” he tells Peter. We will, of course.

Then we get in the car and we realize, we can’t pass that hello along. Because, of course, if you do, Peter’s parents will ask where we saw this friend. And once we tell them, they’ll wonder why we were at a fancy restaurant in the middle of the day.

“Fine,” we decide, “We just won’t mention it.”

But wait. This friend and Peter’s parents will all be at the same Christmas party. Tonight. What if he mentions that he saw us?

He did.

We lied.

(Kids, lying is wrong. But sometimes you have to lie to save Christmas.)

Dakota Ridge Exploration


A year and a half ago, Peter and I bought our first car. This was right before we moved to Chilliwack and we had never owned a car. We needed one in a hurry and so we bought the first car that was within our price range and seemed reasonable. Although the car did pretty well for us over the next year and a half, we never loved it. For various reasons, it just wasn’t really the right car for us. We were able to sell it in November and, this time, take our time choosing our next car and thinking about what we really wanted.

This week, we found it.


This is almost the exact opposite of our last car.

It’s already taking us to new and exciting places!


Yesterday afternoon, the sun shining, we drove up to Dakota Ridge. This skiing/snowmobiling/snowshoeing area is about a twenty minute drive from us but it was like another world because, let me tell you, there was a lot of snow up there!


We didn’t do any of those snowy sports but simply enjoyed the capabilities of our new vehicle. Stopped to take pictures. Squinted at the sun. Got out and walked along the snowshoe trails and watched little kids on skis fall down.


We decided that we want to have snowshoes, that we want to come here more often. Yes, a car is just a car, and most days it will simply be the tool that gets us to work or the grocery store. But it also makes us excited as we see that a car really can take us places that we haven’t been before, can give us the motivation to get there.



I hope that 2013 is a year of explorations for us. From big ones (like, just maybe, a country we’ve never been to) to smaller ones (like a place in town we’ve never been or a food I’ve never eaten.) I look forward to it.





Every blog or Facebook post I seem to read this time of year is full of Happy New Year wishes and introspectives thoughts about 2012 and resolutions of 2013.

I don’t have a lot of introspective thoughts to share here. I have a couple of small resolutions but if I don’t live up to them, it doesn’t really matter.


I’m excited about 2013. I’m excited about the things I know are going to happen. I’m excited about the things I hope will happen. I’m excited about the things that will happen that I have no idea about. Already, this is shaping up to be a great year for Peter and I. And even though not all of our plans may come to pass, I am confident that, whatever 2013 holds, God will keep showing me how great His love is for me.


If I had to make a resolution for 2013, it would be this one, from Isaac Watts:

I’ll not willingly offend,

Nor be easily offended;

What’s amiss I’ll strive to mend,

And endure what can’t be mended.”

Happy 2013 to you all!


P.S. The photos in this post were taken by camera phone at False Creek in Vancouver. But, with the help of a pretty sweet Boxing Day Sale, we have finally upgraded on the camera front. So from here on out, you can likely expect more photos than ever!