Dakota Ridge Exploration


A year and a half ago, Peter and I bought our first car. This was right before we moved to Chilliwack and we had never owned a car. We needed one in a hurry and so we bought the first car that was within our price range and seemed reasonable. Although the car did pretty well for us over the next year and a half, we never loved it. For various reasons, it just wasn’t really the right car for us. We were able to sell it in November and, this time, take our time choosing our next car and thinking about what we really wanted.

This week, we found it.


This is almost the exact opposite of our last car.

It’s already taking us to new and exciting places!


Yesterday afternoon, the sun shining, we drove up to Dakota Ridge. This skiing/snowmobiling/snowshoeing area is about a twenty minute drive from us but it was like another world because, let me tell you, there was a lot of snow up there!


We didn’t do any of those snowy sports but simply enjoyed the capabilities of our new vehicle. Stopped to take pictures. Squinted at the sun. Got out and walked along the snowshoe trails and watched little kids on skis fall down.


We decided that we want to have snowshoes, that we want to come here more often. Yes, a car is just a car, and most days it will simply be the tool that gets us to work or the grocery store. But it also makes us excited as we see that a car really can take us places that we haven’t been before, can give us the motivation to get there.



I hope that 2013 is a year of explorations for us. From big ones (like, just maybe, a country we’ve never been to) to smaller ones (like a place in town we’ve never been or a food I’ve never eaten.) I look forward to it.



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