Blue Monday Happiness

Today is unofficially marked as “Blue Monday” – the so-called “most depressing day of the year”. There’s some pseudo-science calculation behind it that has to do with the weather/length between holidays/bills arriving after Christmas. If you’re in Australia right now, you’re probably fine.

We had a not very relaxing weekend, I’ve worked 11 of the last 12 days, and it’s so foggy outside I can’t see the ocean from my window today.

But….it hasn’t rained in a week…all those days of work mean extra money…and there is much in this world to rejoice over.

Here are a few happy moments captured in the past week:

A beautiful sunset last week. The sunsets lately have been amazing. I won’t inundate you with the photos I have but I’ve been out there almost every night because each one has been stunning.


Hot coffee, homemade cinnamon knots, and green electrical tape on my laptop.


$6 bought me seven books at the thrift store.


The frozen surface of Trout Lake. (Important note: a thrown stone cracked the ice, so I would not recommend taking a walk across here.)


A forewarning of fog at Trout Lake yesterday.




One more sunset picture, from last night.


We live in a beautiful world. May you find things to be happy about on this Blue Monday.

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