Our New Place

As mentioned, Peter and I have moved! We are now living in a converted boathouse, about 20 minutes outside of Sechelt (maybe closer, maybe further, depending on who you’re driving behind on the highway!) For the past seven months most of our stuff has been in storage so it’s been a fun couple of weeks of settling in and making this place home.

We’ve been so blessed in our “drifting” of the last few months. Between house-sitting and staying with my in-laws, we’ve been able to get to know the Sunshine Coast and find stability in unpredictable ways. It has been a huge blessing. Now, though, I’m excited to really make a home here on the Coast. We’ve been blessed once again in finding a terrific place. I can’t even describe how taken care of by my God I feel. It’s the neatest experience.


When I was a kid there was a little yellow bungalow around the corner from us that I thought was the cutest house in the neighbourhood. I always wanted to live in a yellow house.


But really, it’s all about the waterfront! By boathouse, I mean…boathouse. This was taken from our living room. In the morning, when the tide is high and the water is clear, we can watch the ducks dive below the surface of the water.


This is the route I take to work.


I actually cross a footbridge and take a trail through the forest.

Here are some shots around the house/things I’m enjoying:


Vern the Asparagus Fern in his new spot. He’s getting a little large. I think when the summer comes he will be spending more time outdoors. Vern loves the sunshine.


A gorgeous bookshelf, made by my talented husband and a beautiful, handmade quilt that we received as a wedding gift. It took us about a week to agree on where the chesterfield should go. (Which, incidentally, is not where it’s shown here.)


French faucets installed by someone who, I think, did not realise they were French. Because that froid tap definitely runs chaud.


A jar of sea glass and my vintage, thrifted train case on a shelf in the washroom. (My mother-in-law has an amazing collection of sea glass and I’m excited to start my own!)


European-sized washer and dryer! Appliances in Europe (at least in my experience) were generally considerably smaller than here in North America. I have no problems with this washer and dryer, I’m just thankful that we have them in-house.


Our picture wall/entrance. A few wedding photos, a few family photos, a couple that are just special to us. And, of course, lots of books. We think they make us look smart.


This has nothing to do with moving but isn’t this a perfect looking orange? Doesn’t it look like it belongs somewhere warm and sunny?

This orange is an example of why I love living on the Sunshine Coast. We were grocery shopping on the weekend and ran into people we know (something that happens frequently at the grocery store) and they told us to buy these oranges. It was good advice.


The public pier, which we can see from our windows. Also, trying out the zoom lens to investigate why a tugboat has docked there.

And a few pictures taken in our “front yard”.





4 thoughts on “Our New Place”

  1. Wow! This is astonishingly beautiful. I am so so happy for you guys! The kids loved looking at the pics of your new place!

  2. The new place looks wonderful! Love your photos (especially the one fourth-from-last) and the fact that you say chesterfield.

  3. I would be jealous, but you’re such nice people, you deserve the beauty and tranquillity of such a lovely home. May God richly bless you and your new place!

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