Happy Discount Chocolate Day!

Hope you all got to do precisely what you wanted on Valentine’s Day! Whether that was a romantic dinner with a special someone or eating cheap chocolate while watching The Bachelor.

This is what I got on Valentine’s Day:


Rather than flowers, Peter decided to get me “a bouquet of snacks”. The man knows I love junk food. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many Oreos I ate while Peter was at work yesterday.

Also, that Young’s Double Chocolate Porter on the left is so good. We had it in Seattle for the first time last year but it’s a British beer. It might just be my favourite beer. The beers on the right are random Russian and Polish beers that we had never tried before.

For dinner I made heart-shaped falafels (ie: more like blob-shaped, really, but I attempted) with chipotle mayo. Yummy. Clearly, Valentine’s Day is all about the food for us!

Have a lovely Friday!

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