Thoughts on the last 3 Bachelor episodes

A week and a bit without internet somehow ended up meaning I missed three episodes of The Bachelor. It was somewhat exhausting to catch up but obviously I can’t miss a moment of Sean’s quest to find true love! (Yeah, I definitely had it playing in the background while I did other stuff, though I sat riveted watching Tierra explain how she can’t control her eyebrow.) In three episodes we watched the blondest bachelor go to Montana, Alberta (let’s be more specific than “Canada”, please) and St. Croix. Having no desire to either recap or capture quotes from three episodes, here are a few random thoughts:

  • Did they have to make Canada look like the coldest place in the world? Sheesh. I’ve been to Lake Louise and it’s hardly Antarctica. The Columbia Icefields (I’ve been on a snowbus there too!) is pretty cold but you’re on top of a glacier.
  • Also, I’ve swum in a few glacier-fed lakes. It’s not really a big deal. I have never had an EMT standing by. (I couldn’t tell if that was for liability of drama.) 0 degrees Celsius is cold but not that cold.
  • That said, Lake Louise really is beautiful. I was there in 2009 with my friend, Jeannette. Here’s a picture of us:


  • Maybe I can’t argue about Canadian stereotypes when we are both wearing plaid in this picture. Regardless, our trip was more fun than the Bachelor because a) neither of us pretended to get hypothermia and b) we have never dated the same guy at the same time.
  • I was jealous that the Bachelor ladies got to go canoeing on Lake Louise. They were such bad canoers (canoeists?). It was hard to watch. Much more painful than the volleyball competition because I am a better canoe-paddler than I am volleyball-player.
  • What was the deal with the goat’s milk? Why is drinking goat’s milk so terrible? That didn’t seem very challenging to me. I’ve never drunk goat’s milk but I love goat cheese.
  • Why haven’t they left North America on this season? Can Sean not travel overseas? Too many concussions?
  • I hope we all learned a valuable lesson from Sean and his sister: Don’t choose a spouse who can’t be friends with people. Sure, being friends with other girls who are dating the same person is an unusual situation, but in your life you will have to interact with many types of people. You want someone at your side who can make those interactions easier. Also, someone who can control their face.
  • I liked Lesley but I feel like she’s probably already over it.
  • Selma: you’re allowed to hate both the desert and cold weather but you can’t give “being from Baghdad” as an excuse for both.
  • Thoughts on the final four: I think Desiree is the best choice/most stable woman. Catherine is probably my second choice. AshLee seems lovely but, I think, has a lot to figure out for herself before looking to any man to fulfill her. I’m already worried about the heartbreak she will (likely) experience. Lindsay…I have nothing bad to say about her, she just doesn’t seem that grown up to me. Also, what is a 2 star General? Lindsay keeps referring to her dad as one. To me it sounds like a General with poor reviews. I stayed in a 2 star hotel once and it wasn’t a good thing.
  • Thoughts on next week: I’m calling it right now – Desiree’s brother will not actually be as crazy as the previews are making him out to be.

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