Views From The Deck


Not to keep harping on my awesome view but…we have a pretty killer view. The fun part though is that it’s different at every hour of the day. The tide changes, as tides do. It swirls in and out around that rock in the centre. To the right of where the above picture is, a fresh water stream enters the ocean.

That rock in the middle is almost always covered in birds. Most often seagulls (the rats of the sea) and lots of ducks. This week we saw geese (Canadian, obviously) for the first time. And occasionally we’ll see some Blue Herons. (I have also seen a lot of Stellar’s Jays around lately, though not near the water.)IMG_0261

The birds are pretty entertaining to watch.


Does anyone know what these white and black ducks are called? We see them a lot here.



Sometimes, we just watch the sunset.



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