Eight Highlights of the Weekend

1. Pulled pork and beer Friday night.

2. This arrived in the mail. Total surprise from a friend. So awesome. In case any of you were wondering, yes, it’s always okay to send me beautiful signed copies of books. Especially books I love.IMG_0473

3. A trip to Vancouver (aka “The Big City”)


This included such highlights as riding the seabus (pictured above), one of my favourite forms of public transit. It also meant that we went shopping at stores we don’t have here on the Coast. Like Winners and The Bay and buying spring clothes on sale. Peter and I don’t shop for clothes all that much but on a weekend like this we ended up with a few things each.


4. Eating buko pie with my parents to celebrate my mom’s birthday. That’s a Filipino pie made from young coconuts and it’s delicious. I haven’t had it since I was in the Philippines in 2004.

5. A stay in a hotel. Which included chocolate and champagne.


We received a voucher for this stay as a Christmas present and it was such a treat to get away and stay in a fancy hotel for absolutely no reason at all.


6. Daylight Savings. I like Daylight Savings. What’s not to love? You either get an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour of sun. Those are both great. Losing that extra hour of sleep wasn’t so bad when we woke up here:


7. Coming home to our beautiful spot of the world. And an impromptu beach fire and s’mores with our neighbours

8. Above all, I love spending time with this guy. We always have fun.


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