Puppy Envy

Some girls have baby-envy. Some young couples, when they’re out and about, check out babies and toddlers and talk about when they’ll have their own.

I have puppy envy. Peter and I point out other people’s dogs to each other and discuss the day when we’ll have our own dog. It’s close but it’s not quite here. We both had dogs as kids and have always known a dog would eventually be a part of our family. For now though, we make do with a dog as part of our extended family.

Last night we met Bella, Peter’s parents’ new puppy.


How fricking cute is she? Bella is a Springer Spaniel/Chocolate Lab cross (aka: a Labradinger).


Look how happy I am to be near a dog!

And then she fell asleep.


3 thoughts on “Puppy Envy”

  1. A has some serious puppy envy too, haven’t seen in a long time him grin as widely as he did holding Bella the other day! Looking forward to family dog visits. I thought we would visit the Coast more because you guys live there, but it might be because Bella has moved there đŸ˜‰

    1. I can’t really blame you, she’s pretty cute. I started to regret not asking Mike and Jane to pick one up for us too. Until she pooped on the floor, at least!

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