30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 24 – Monday


It’s finally happened. With only a week to go, I’m repeating a dress. This is the dress from Day 8.

In truth, this repeat is not because I’ve run out of dresses but because the dresses I haven’t worn yet are all pretty fancy. And today it’s pouring rain and it’s my day off. I’m going for comfort. .

Dress: Joe Fresh, thrifted at Value Village in Chilliwack

Necklace: thrifted in Los Angeles

Cardigan: Moon, purchased at The Bay

Slippers: gift (They’re Padraigs, which are the best slippers in the world. Seriously, I’m a girl who prefers to be barefoot more often than not and these are the only slippers I’ll wear)

I was going to put on shoes and make this a real outfit but this is more honest. I have no plans to leave the house today.

Day 25 – Tuesday


Dress: Zachary’s Smile, purchased in Vancouver (Repeat from all the way back at Day 1)

Leggings: Hue, purchased at The Bay

Earrings: craft fair in Victoria

Hoodie: GAP

Boots: Tretorn

Still pouring rain but today I have to go out in it.

Day 26 – Wednesday


Dress: Suzy Shier (I’ve had this dress for a while and I almost never wear it because of the unfortunate discovery that, in the right light, it’s sort of see-through. So it must be worn with leggings except it ‘s clearly a summer dress which is not generally a time I want to wear leggings. Fortunately, it looks like October outside today.)

T-Shirt: Out of Print, purchased at The Bookman in Chilliwack (Displaying one of my very favourite books!)

Tights: H&M

Earrings: Costa Blanca, purchased many years ago in Victoria

Shoes: TOMs

Day 26 – Thursday

Sorry, nothing new to see here. Lots of repeats, I’m afraid. The weather and my lack of fancy occasions are keeping things pretty normal. I did go outside and use my self-timer though, so that’s something different.


Dress: GAP, thrifted in Cumberland

Earrings: purchased at Front & Company in Vancouver

Boots: Tretorn


Things that Happened on the Weekend

Let’s see…what happened this weekend?

Peter bought new glasses. (I’m sure he’ll want to show them off to you when he picks them up in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!)


These are two of the local ravens that have decided the roof of our house is the coolest place around. Look, ravens are neat and they make cool sounds but they’re also big birds and when they are constantly swooping over my head while I sit on the deck they freak me out a little. Also, I thought maybe ravens hanging out on your roof meant something special in certain cultures but when I looked it up, Russian folklore says it means a witch lives in that house.

I cut myself with a pair of scissors. Because I’m a grown-up. While investigating to see how deeply I’d sliced my hand open I realised I was looking inside myself and then realised I was about to pass out. Since I was at work, I pulled myself together and put on a purple band-aid.


I picked these flowers and put them in our bathroom because I’ve decided “weed” is a relative term.


These ducks napping in a row on a log are the greatest.

We had a fire on our beach and a hot dog roast Saturday night.


While eating hot dogs we saw a caterpillar we had never seen before. (I know, lots of excitement around here!) Of course, I took a picture while we wondered if it was native to the area or escaped from somewhere tropical.


Then I saw four more identical caterpillars so I think our ecosystem is safe.

And then – the highlight of the weekend – Peter and I went for a swim off of our own little beach! Following our beach dinner, we stood ankle-deep in the water and said to each other, “It isn’t that cold.”

“Want to go swimming?” Peter asked me.

I didn’t entirely but I always feel lame if he goes in without me so I raced upstairs to put on my swimsuit and in we went. My first swim of the year. It was only cold when you stopped moving. I think the kayakers who passed us by the rocks thought we were crazy.

Good weekend. And this week is the end of school and the official start of summer (in my books, at least).

30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 20 – Thursday


Dress: BLVD, purchased at Boudoir in Sechelt (I have to add that this was picked by Peter for my birthday, entirely without my help. He’s great.)

Leggings: Hue, purchased at The Bay

Necklace: purchased at an outdoor market in Portland on our honeymoon

Boots: Tretorn, purchased on-line (These are my beloved gumboots from this post.)

Day 21 – Friday


Dress: BCBG, purchased at an outlet store in Los Angeles

Belt: H&M

Earrings: thrifted at MCC in Chilliwack

Sandals: Aldo

Day 22 – Saturday


Dress: Joe Fresh

(I bought this dress a couple of years ago, around the time of the royal wedding, and it seemed that whenever I wore it someone would compare me to Kate Middleton. Which is flattering and not particularly accurate. It reminded me of an Alice Munro story where the narrator says every brunette woman in the ’60s was told she looked like Jackie Kennedy. Kate Middleton is the Jackie Kennedy of the 21st century for brunettes, I think.)

(Never mind. I put on a cardigan to go to work and Peter told me I looked like Jackie Onassis. Either I’m wrong or Peter is secretly 70 years old.)

Necklace: gift

Earrings: purchased (for my wedding!) at Violette Veldor in Victoria

Shoes: Flexi Country, thrifted at Value Village in Chilliwack

Day 23 – Sunday


Dress: Moon, purchased at The Bay

Necklace: craft fair in Vancouver, several years ago

Bracelet: gift, souvenir of Ghana

Watch: Bulova, probably fake

Sandals: Aldo

30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 16 – Sunday


Dress: H&M

Belt: H&M

Blazer: H&M

(I didn’t mean for this to turn into an ad for H&M.)

Necklace: gift, souvenir of Steveston 🙂

Watch: Bulova, belonged to my grandmother

Charm Bracelet: vintage, also belonged to my nana

Bracelet: also belonged to my nana, purchased in Hong Kong

Boots: Steve Madden

Day 17 – Monday


Dress: Billabong, gift from a friend

Necklace: gift (I’m fairly sure it’s from modcloth.com though.)

Cardigan: Cyrus, purchased at Winners (It’s the one with the lace back from this post.)

Flip Flops: Reef, purchased at Sitka in Victoria (Before travelling to Europe in 2008, my roommate encouraged me to spend a little more than I usually did on flip flops. I bought these and five years later, my feet are still thanking her.)


Day 18 – Tuesday


Dress: American Eagle, hand-me-down from a friend

Sash: purchased in Manila

Necklace: gift, souvenir of Uganda (This beautiful, colourful necklace is made from paper!)


Shoes: Soda, purchased at Breeze Boutique in Victoria

This is another example of a dress I rarely wear. I like the dress but because it’s strapless, it’s not always a practical choice. The cotton fabric makes it feel casual but I just don’t have the right casual events to wear it too, it seems. I think this is another one that will be let go at the end of the month.

Day 19 – Wednesday


Dress: thrifted in Sechelt, no tag (I’m fairly certain it was made by hand.)

Cardigan: thrifted in Sechelt, no tag

Belt: thrifted in Gibsons

Earrings: purchased at a craft fair in Vancouver several years ago

Shoes: American Eagle, purchased at Payless

Around the Neighbourhood

Today I thought I’d share some views of my neighbourhood. Namely, the view from a rowboat out on the water on Saturday morning.


We look out at this view every day. Rowing out towards it is kind of like stepping into a painting.



This giant anchor on a little island has become a symbol of Halfmoon Bay.


As is the floating bait shop near the pier.


It’s already been 5 months that Peter and I have lived in this little corner of paradise. Not tired of it yet.

Weekend Score

The last couple of weeks, on our way home from church on Sunday, Peter and I have noticed some sort of yard sale happening in the parking lot of the local mall. Some people set up tables. Some people pull down the tailgate of their truck and use that as a table. There’s jewellery, books, clothing, tools. One man filled a parking spot with bikes he’d fixed up. We were on our way to the grocery store and decided to take a look.

I snagged a book by Peter Carey that I haven’t read yet, from a free box, and eyed jewellery as Peter excitedly told me someone was selling a pick axe. Um, yay?

We ended up chatting for a while with an older couple, discussing some of their items. We swapped travel stories (they’d been to Vietnam recently) and we came home with this:


That’s an antique Singer Sewing machine.


Built in Great Britain, the Canadian patent is 1911.


That couple we were talking to? This belonged to his grandmother.

It came with a few extra parts and this handy brochure:


We also got a cool wooden box to store our parachutes in!


30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 12 – Wednesday


Dress: no tag, purchased at Stanley Market in Hong Kong.

Sweater: H&M (It is cold today!)

Necklace: thrifted in Los Angeles

Shoes: Airwalk, purchased at Payless

This is an example of a dress I never wear and wouldn’t have worn this week if it weren’t for this challenge. I’m not really sure why I’ve held on to this dress for so long. I don’t like it anymore and I don’t find it flattering on me. I haven’t worn it in more than a year. I think it’s time to let go.

Day 13 – Thursday


Dress: Pink Martini, purchased at Style Bridge in Victoria. This dress has some good memories.

Like this day.

Like this day.

Tights: Had ’em too long to remember.

Necklace: Unique Art Pendants from Etsy.com

Shoes: American Eagle, purchased at Payless

Jacket: Bluenotes


Day 14 – Friday


Dress: Esprit

Necklace: Pyrrha, purchased at Violette Veldor in Victoria

Charm Bracelet: vintage, belonged to my grandmother

Shoes: Rock & Candy, purchased at Winners


Day 15 – Saturday


Dress: Smart Set

Earrings: Claires, I think, or some similar cheap shop

Shoes: Aldo (These are the shoes I bought for my wedding. The lady who altered my wedding dress was horrified I didn’t plan on wearing heels.)

My 30 Day Dress Challenge is halfway complete!

The Service of Talent


I’m working my way through the book of Hebrews currently, reading it along with William Barclay’s commentary. Barclay explains something neat that I’ve never noticed before about the opening passage in Hebrew. Here’s how it reads in my Bible:

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed the heir of all things, through whom also He created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His Power.

Hebrews 1:1-3 (ESV)

Nice passage, right? But it doesn’t exactly stop me in my tracks. I read it and I kept reading. Barclay, however, explains that in the original Greek the words are very carefully chosen for resonance. For their sound and flow. He calls them “sonorous”. Barclay tells us that the author of Hebrews (who remains unknown) must have been trained in Greek oratory. And here’s the best part – he used his talent to share the word of God.

Barclay says:

“When people become Christians, they are not asked to abandon all the talents they once had; they are asked to use them in the service of Jesus Christ and of His church.”

Too often we think (or sometimes people tell us) that Christians look a certain way, act a certain way. And so when we become Christians, or we’re trying to improve ourselves as Christians, we attempt to shake off the things that make us unique. The very characteristics that God created us to have. Instead, we should be embracing those gifts and talents and using them to glorify God.

Okay, so the author of Hebrews wasn’t born with this talent for Greek oratory (at least, not likely) but he trained and studied and obtained it. Perhaps he had a passion for oratory, perhaps he used it in his field of work. We really don’t know. The point is, he was able to take that talent and make it beautiful for God. The book of Hebrews is obviously different than the other books of the New Testament. It’s obvious that it wasn’t written by Paul or Luke or John. That’s why it’s able to speak to readers two thousand years later. God used this author, yes, but the writer was also willing to be used. Willing to be humble. Willing to rejoice in the skills he had and find a way to serve the Lord and to serve others with them.


Semi-related: I thought this article had some great points about art in the church. You may already know how I feel about the church and art.

30 Day Dress Challenge

Read about my 30 Day Dress Challenge here and here.

Day 6 – Thursday


Dress: “Seduction”, purchased at Sirens (Isn’t that embarassing? For those of you who don’t know it, Sirens is a women’s clothing store that sells cheap, often trashy clothing. It’s where people buy clothes for clubbing and it’s terrible. This is the only item of clothing I own from there, I swear! I have no idea why I was even shopping at Sirens. I’ve had this dress for a long time though. I can distinctly recall that I was wearing this dress when I found out that my brother and his wife were pregnant for the second time; my nephew will be six this year.)

Necklace: Front & Company Consignment

Cardigan: thrifted, I think on the Sunshine Coast

Shoes: None shown for the reason that I can’t decide what shoes to wear with this dress. Sometimes I wear it with white maryjanes but I feel that’s a bit boring. Today I paired it with my thrifted FlexiCountry shoes that I wore last Tuesday but it was kind of blah. It needs a pop of colour, right? Suggestions?


Day 7 – Friday


Dress: H&M

Tights: H&M

Bracelet (necklace worn as bracelet): gift, souvenir from Ghana

Earrings: Bird in Flight Boutique on Etsy.com

Shoes: American Eagle, purchased at Payless

Day 8 – Saturday


Dress: Joe Fresh, thrifted in Chilliwack (It’s the dress from this post. Yes, it is a dress and I often wear it simply as is but if I want to wear it to work I generally pair it with a t-shirt over top.)

Shirt: H&M

Necklace: Pyrrha, purchased at Violette Veldor in Victoria

Bracelet (necklace worn as bracelet): gift, souvenir from Uganda

Shoes: TOMs

Day 9 – Sunday


Dress: Forever 21, thrifted at a Goodwill in Washington

Sweater: vintage (This sweater belonged to my mom and was knit for her by my grandmother – isn’t that cool?)

Earrings: Wilde & Sparrow, purchased in Parksville

Bracelet: vintage, belonged to my grandmother (my other, non-knitting grandma!)

Watch: Also belonged to my grandmother. It says it’s a Bulova but I have a feeling it’s a knockoff from Hong Kong.

Boots: Steve Madden, purchased via amazon.com

Day 10 – Monday


Dress: Vero Moda, purchased in Prague

Earrings: gift

Bracelet: Owliday Inn Handmade Jewellery from Etsy. com

Sandals: Aldo


Hi sandals! I missed you all winter.

Day 11 – Tuesday



Dress: Smoking Lily, purchased at Front & Company Consignment

Leggings: Hue, purchased at The Bay

Earrings: gift, souvenir from Uganda

Bracelet: gift, souvenir from Thailand

Shoes: American Eagle, purchased at Payless (same ones from Friday)

Jacket: GAP

What Life Looks Like

A fair bit of this:


A “grown-up dinner”, Friday evening. Peter referred to it as such and, since he cooked it, he can call it whatever he wants. I refer to it as “delicious”.


Before church on Sunday morning:


A special service in a gorgeous, semi-outdoor local building.

Do you know that singing in/with a group breeds a sense of community? Did you know when you sing at church that you can sing as loud as you want, even if you’re off-key, because a) nobody else can really hear you and b) you’re praying to God and He thinks your voice is beautiful?

Followed by a church potluck in the gardens.



Top it off with a yummy dinner with friends and that’s a pretty good weekend.

Oh fine, you can also have this picture of a cute puppy: