Summer in Sight

Some highlights from this weekend include:

A date and a dinner out on Friday. Peter and I tried a new burger joint in town and hashed out details of our summer adventures.

Driving into town we saw a piece of paper fluttering on the highway.

“That’s $20!” Peter exclaimed. He pulled over to the side of the road and jumped out of the car. I watched him as he sprinted back, waiting for cars to pass so he could dart across the highway and find $20. I saw him bend over to examine something on the ground and then start his jog back to the car.

“Just a shiny piece of paper,” he told me sadly as he got back into the car.

On Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of hearing my husband preach in church. It’s not the first time I’ve heard Peter do the sermon in a church service; he’s a gifted public speaker. I am so thankful that, more than just a funny, kind, good-looking guy (he’s all those things too!) I also married a man who loves the Lord and actively seeks after Him.

Sunday afternoon was puppy visits.


She’s in her gangly “teenage” phase and she’s really too big to be on my lap but she insisted on it.

For some reason, she refuses to go up or down the stairs in my in-laws’ house. Despite Peter’s best efforts to lure her with a cheesie.


She’ll whine and prance but never go down.


After a long stretch of cloud and rain, June is looking pretty nice. The sun showed up in full force on Sunday and in the evening we enjoyed dinner on our deck.


Hello Summer! I am ready to enjoy you!

4 thoughts on “Summer in Sight”

  1. That wad a fun weekend to read about. 🙂

    Sometimes I think puppies are cuter in their awkward stage than their puppy stage. Especially when they hae funny habits.

    1. She’s a quirky puppy for sure. And still seems to think of herself as a little dog when she’s actually getting quite big. It’s funny to watch her be so awkward!

  2. Andrew says “if a Metcalfe won’t respond to cheesies, they won’t respond to anything”!

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