30 Day Dress Challenge

(Read about my 30 Day Dress Challenge here.)

Day 2 – Sunday

Funny story about this dress: I purchased it a couple of years ago and shortly after I wore it to work, to my job in Victoria. A customer complimented me on my dress, I thanked her and mentioned that I found it at a thrift store. “Oh, I can tell,” she said, “It looks very vintage. It might be homemade. That dress is one of a kind.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it had a GAP label inside.


Dress: GAP, thrifted at The Patch in Cumberland

Earrings: gift

Bracelet: gift, souvenir from Ghana

Boots: Steve Madden, purchased via Amazon.com

The dress and boots combo made me feel a little “pioneer girl”-esque. True story: when visiting a Mennonite church in Chilliwack for the first time, I wore this dress because I felt like I would fit in better.

Day 3 – Monday


Dress: Quiksilver, thrifted in Sechelt

Belt: H&M

Bracelets: gift, souvenir from Thailand

Sandals: GAP


Day 4 – Tuesday


Dress: label is something in Chinese, thrifted in Sechelt by my mother-in-law

Belt: thrifted, purchased in Gibsons

Shoes: FlexiCountry, thrifted in Chilliwack

Earrings: Front & Company Consignment, in Vancouver


Day 5 – Wednesday



Dress: Vero Moda, purchased at The Bay

Leggings: Hue, purchased at The Bay

Necklace: purchased from a street vendor at Leshan, in Sichuan province, China

Bracelet: gift, souvenir from Thailand

Shoes: gift, souvenir from China

(This outfit perfectly captures my Asian-Canadian heritage, apparently.)

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