30 Day Dress Challenge

Day 12 – Wednesday


Dress: no tag, purchased at Stanley Market in Hong Kong.

Sweater: H&M (It is cold today!)

Necklace: thrifted in Los Angeles

Shoes: Airwalk, purchased at Payless

This is an example of a dress I never wear and wouldn’t have worn this week if it weren’t for this challenge. I’m not really sure why I’ve held on to this dress for so long. I don’t like it anymore and I don’t find it flattering on me. I haven’t worn it in more than a year. I think it’s time to let go.

Day 13 – Thursday


Dress: Pink Martini, purchased at Style Bridge in Victoria. This dress has some good memories.

Like this day.
Like this day.

Tights: Had ’em too long to remember.

Necklace: Unique Art Pendants from Etsy.com

Shoes: American Eagle, purchased at Payless

Jacket: Bluenotes


Day 14 – Friday


Dress: Esprit

Necklace: Pyrrha, purchased at Violette Veldor in Victoria

Charm Bracelet: vintage, belonged to my grandmother

Shoes: Rock & Candy, purchased at Winners


Day 15 – Saturday


Dress: Smart Set

Earrings: Claires, I think, or some similar cheap shop

Shoes: Aldo (These are the shoes I bought for my wedding. The lady who altered my wedding dress was horrified I didn’t plan on wearing heels.)

My 30 Day Dress Challenge is halfway complete!

4 thoughts on “30 Day Dress Challenge”

  1. Who knew there could be so many different styles of dresses! I love the salmon colour on you.

    I think you surpassed the quantity of my entire wardrobe, let alone my dresses, last week. Haha!

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