Mt. Daniels Hike

Saturday morning, Peter and I decided to do a local hike. One he’d done numerous times before, but the first time for me.

Mt. Daniel is a short hike up a mountain, located in Pender Harbour. It wasn’t a long drive for us and our trusty 4Runner took us right to the base of the trail. (If you don’t have a car that can do off-road, you can park further back.)

While not a technical climb, parts of the hike are very steep. It took us approximately 50 minutes to get up to the peak and maybe less than 30 to get back down. I was glad that we decided to go in the morning because it was definitely cooler and we had the peak to ourselves.


Steep trails but the climb definitely pays off.


At the top you get an incredible view of Pender Harbour.

Wildlife on the trail:


The dew on this fungi sparkled in the sunshine, like a mushroom dressed up for a fancy ball.


Us at the top, camera-timer style!


After the shade and relative coolness of the forest, the top feels exposed, slightly barren, and hot. As someone who has never been to the desert…it reminded me of a desert. (Handily, we had a nice view of Texada Island from the top.) IMG_1637

There’s this summer smell – sun and stone and dried moss – that permeated the hot, exposed peak of Mt. Daniel. Hard to explain, but what this smell reminded me of most was my childhood summers at a lake in Ontario on the Canadian Shield. It was odd and wonderful that a smell on the other side of the country could take me there so thoroughly.

Arbutus trees are decidedly West Coast though.


This picture made me grin when I uploaded it:


It looks like we came across huge inukshuks at the top when in reality this one was not more than 60 cm tall. There were about six or seven of them scattered around the peak.

After our quick descent, we decided to have lunch at the Back Eddy Pub in Egmont. A bit further up the coast, the closest I’d ever been to Egmont was the Skookumchuck. It’s a tiny town, the last stop before you’re on a ferry to Powell River. The Back Eddy is a pub, a marina, and a laid-back resort. It also boasts B.C.’s smallest liquor store! We sat on the patio overlooking the water as hummingbirds darted overhead to investigate the feeders.


The burgers were delicious.

As we headed back out of Egmont, we saw a sign for a thrift store and so of course we had to investigate. It was located in the community hall.


Peter found a great sweater for $2.

We also spotted the smallest post office I’ve ever seen.


And then…a lovely drive home.


I Can’t – I Have to Babysit

Friday night we got the call to puppy-sit. In classic babysitter style, we raided the fridge, wound up our charge, and put her to bed.

Peter’s solution for not listening:


There was a lot of this. Especially when I tried to sit quietly and read a book.


The sleepier she got, the cuddlier she got though.


I love her furrowed brow and how she always looks slightly worried. I tried to match her face.

Don’t worry, she fell asleep before mom and dad got home. Not in her own bed exactly but no babysitter is perfect.


Sechelt Canada Day Parade 2013

A highlight of the year in this small town is the annual Canada Day parade. This was the third year I got to be in attendance.

It starts with some classic cars. You know them because they’re the same ones you saw the year before and the year before that or that you’ve seen driving around town.




The fly-over. This plane will hit multiple communities in the province on Canada Day.


It’s not Canada Day without the Mounties.


Or the pipers. It warms my partly-Scottish heart.



And then the floats begin.






The end of the parade is signalled by the emergency vehicles, sirens softly blaring.


The loudest applause seemed to go to the Search and Rescue because, when you live on the Coast, you know those guys save lives.

Read about last year’s parade here.

Happy Canada Day!

Long Weekend, Long Weekend, Long Weekend

That’s a pretty beautiful pairing of words, isn’t it? Oh, Canada! Thanks for the long weekend!

What did I do?


Got dressed up and had a fancy dinner out with my handsome husband. We had a gift certificate (Thanks Jen!) to a nice restaurant nearby and ate delicious food while watching the rain fall over the ocean on Friday night.


Had a delicious breakfast with the in-laws.


The sun showed up like crazy this weekend (finally!) and Saturday is market day in Sechelt. It was also $5 bag day at the thrift store. I’ll devote a separate post to those findings!


We spent the afternoon on the beach, after a lovely ocean swim.



Saturday night sunset at our house.


Drive back into town on Sunday afternoon:


Patriotic dessert.


Sleepy puppy cuddles.


And just one from the Canada Day parade, but more to come!



30 Day Dress Challenge – The End

Day 28 – Friday

Since I wore a different dress during the day on Friday, I originally thought I’d post a “night and day” type of thing. But I forgot to take a picture of my day. My day look was a repeat of Day 14 so just look at that picture again…but I have shorter hair now.)

Here’s my look for a celebratory dinner out with Peter:


Dress: Audrey 3+1, purchased at Boudoir here in Sechelt, by Peter for my birthday

Necklace: purchased at Violette Veldor in Victoria

Earrings: thrifted at MCC in Chilliwack

Bracelet: gift (Thanks Jeremy!)

Shoes: Madden Girl (I got so fancy I even wore heels!)


Day 29 – Saturday


Repeat (from Day 9) but styled differently for a more casual Saturday

Dress: Forever 21, thrifted at Value Village in Chilliwack

Necklace: gift (Thanks Sarah!)

Bracelet: gift (same one as Friday)

Shoes: TOMs

Day 30 – Sunday


Dress: Bebop, purchased at Winners (This dress is a good example of one I like but never wear. I’ve come to the conclusion that it just isn’t my style and so it’s time to let it go.)

Earrings: gift (Thanks Tanya!)

Watch: Bulova (probably fake)

Shoes: Aldo

In conclusion…

I had fun wearing 30 days of dresses. In the end, I have 6 dresses that I never wore this month. Three were too fancy (I have a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks so one will get worn then.) Two were wool so although I wear them in the winter, June wasn’t really the right month for them. The sixth went directly into my “t0-be-thrifted” pile when I realized I didn’t want to wear it. I bought it at the thrift store last summer and have worn it maybe twice.

Four other dresses will get thrifted as well. Day 12, Day 18, Day 26 and Day 30. It became pretty clear through this challenge which dresses I like wearing, which ones I feel confident in, and which ones are worth keeping. I still have a lot of dresses but at least I love the ones that remain.

Thanks for playing along!