Mt. Daniels Hike

Saturday morning, Peter and I decided to do a local hike. One he’d done numerous times before, but the first time for me.

Mt. Daniel is a short hike up a mountain, located in Pender Harbour. It wasn’t a long drive for us and our trusty 4Runner took us right to the base of the trail. (If you don’t have a car that can do off-road, you can park further back.)

While not a technical climb, parts of the hike are very steep. It took us approximately 50 minutes to get up to the peak and maybe less than 30 to get back down. I was glad that we decided to go in the morning because it was definitely cooler and we had the peak to ourselves.


Steep trails but the climb definitely pays off.


At the top you get an incredible view of Pender Harbour.

Wildlife on the trail:


The dew on this fungi sparkled in the sunshine, like a mushroom dressed up for a fancy ball.


Us at the top, camera-timer style!


After the shade and relative coolness of the forest, the top feels exposed, slightly barren, and hot. As someone who has never been to the desert…it reminded me of a desert. (Handily, we had a nice view of Texada Island from the top.) IMG_1637

There’s this summer smell – sun and stone and dried moss – that permeated the hot, exposed peak of Mt. Daniel. Hard to explain, but what this smell reminded me of most was my childhood summers at a lake in Ontario on the Canadian Shield. It was odd and wonderful that a smell on the other side of the country could take me there so thoroughly.

Arbutus trees are decidedly West Coast though.


This picture made me grin when I uploaded it:


It looks like we came across huge inukshuks at the top when in reality this one was not more than 60 cm tall. There were about six or seven of them scattered around the peak.

After our quick descent, we decided to have lunch at the Back Eddy Pub in Egmont. A bit further up the coast, the closest I’d ever been to Egmont was the Skookumchuck. It’s a tiny town, the last stop before you’re on a ferry to Powell River. The Back Eddy is a pub, a marina, and a laid-back resort. It also boasts B.C.’s smallest liquor store! We sat on the patio overlooking the water as hummingbirds darted overhead to investigate the feeders.


The burgers were delicious.

As we headed back out of Egmont, we saw a sign for a thrift store and so of course we had to investigate. It was located in the community hall.


Peter found a great sweater for $2.

We also spotted the smallest post office I’ve ever seen.


And then…a lovely drive home.

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