Book Review – Reality Boy by A.S. King

Reality Boy is not a book I would have read if I hadn't been given a copy. This is a young adult novel about a teenage boy. I'm not exactly the target audience. However, I thought the premise of Reality Boy was fascinating. Gerald is almost 17. When he was five, his family was featured… Continue reading Book Review – Reality Boy by A.S. King

The Light of the World is Here

There is a magic that exists in the form of a snowy day. In that first moment after you wake up and you look out the window to see a world transformed. A world fresh and cleansed. Neither Peter nor I actually had a snow day but we enjoyed our snowy day nonetheless. The schools… Continue reading The Light of the World is Here

Book Review – This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

For a book lover, there are few greater things than finding an author you love who is still alive. The thrill of falling in love with a new book is only made greater when you learn that its author is a contemporary who is still writing. At least, that's how I always feel about Ann… Continue reading Book Review – This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

Telling the Truth in Fiction

I used to work in a bookstore. One day, an older gentleman came in looking for our non-fiction section. This question becomes something of a joke to anyone who works in a bookstore; every part of the store that isn't fiction is non-fiction, after all. I didn't question the man though, merely told him where… Continue reading Telling the Truth in Fiction

Europe Trip 2013 – Part Twelve: Bad Segeberg, Germany

This summer Peter and I went on an adventure to Europe. With the help of a stellar memory and my obsessive journalling, I’m sharing those adventures with you. Part One: Duisburg, Germany Part Two: Fritzlar, Germany Part Three: Bern, Switzerland Part Four: Lake Como, Italy Part Five: Venice, Italy Part Six: Florence, Italy Part Seven:… Continue reading Europe Trip 2013 – Part Twelve: Bad Segeberg, Germany

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2013

As a kid, I generally believed that everyone celebrated Christmas the way my family did. Obviously, this was not exactly true and became evident the older I got and the more Christmases I spent with people who I wasn't related to. Part of the fun of getting married is learning to combine the separate and… Continue reading The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2013

Book Review – The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon

I'm a few years behind on this train but let me be the most recent person to tell you this: The Golden Mean (Random House Canada, 2009) by Annabel Lyon is a great book. Lyon brings an extraordinary amount of humanity and relevance to the historical story of Aristotle in Macedon. While the action of… Continue reading Book Review – The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon