Book Review – Seven Good Reasons Not to be Good by John Gould

I liked this book more than I expected to. And while that may not sound like the highest praise, it's meant to be a compliment. I knew almost nothing about the title when I picked up a copy at the thrift store, except that I had taken a single semester with John Gould as professor¬†… Continue reading Book Review – Seven Good Reasons Not to be Good by John Gould

Some mornings.

Last Friday, Bella the Dog went home to be with her real family. While we won't miss her slightly fishy smell and her nose in our faces at 6:15am, we had a great time with her. (I do miss the ten homemade apple-and-blackberry scones she ate.)     I'll also miss how crazy she looks… Continue reading Some mornings.

In Conclusion – My Summer 2014 Reading List

Way back at the beginning of the summer, I posted my To Read list for the coming months. So how did I do? Well, here's the list: 1. Maps & Legends by Michael Chabon Status: Unread 2. Crazy Love by Francis Chan Status: Unread 3. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler Status: Read! Read my… Continue reading In Conclusion – My Summer 2014 Reading List

Book Review – Juliet Was a Surprise by Bill Gaston

  It's hard to review a short story collection. You're not discussing and evaluating one plot, one set of characters - you're dealing with many. How do you approach that? Which do you focus on? I recently got to hear Bill Gaston talk about and read from Juliet Was a Surprise (Hamish Hamilton, 2014). He… Continue reading Book Review – Juliet Was a Surprise by Bill Gaston