Powell River Getaway

This weekend, Peter and I took off for a couple of days to the furthest reaches of the Sunshine Coast – Powell River!


Peter had been before but I never had so it seemed an appropriate getaway for the weekend before my birthday.


Waiting at the Earls Cove ferry terminal.


We had better luck with the camera timer and the top of a garbage can. Plus, this way you can see that little baby, now in our third trimester!


It was a beautiful Saturday morning ferry ride.

Powell River’s old Townsite area is a historic region, centred around the mill on the waterfront. The town was designed for the mill workers, stretching back up the hill from the water, all the streets named after trees. While both the mill and the town have had their ups and downs, in recent years there has been a lot of work put into revitalization and the town looks lovely.


We stayed in the Old Courthouse Inn – lovely and historic.


The view from our window.


The Patricia Theatre is the oldest still-running movie theatre in the country.


A tiny lending library.


Two of my favourite things? Yes, please! (The fudge was excellent.)


Powell River also features a microbrewery – Townsite Brewing – and Peter and I happened to show up at the exact right moment for the free weekly tour, followed by a taste test. Well, Peter taste tested and I sniffed.


Saturday night, Peter and I drove to the end of Highway 101 to a little spot called Lund where the road ends.


It was dusk when we arrived and dark before we left but still nice to check that destination off our list.


Like our own small town, most things were closed on Sunday so we spent the day exploring trails, lakes, and oceanside before we turned and headed for home.



Clear Skies and Mushrooms


The most Canadian things that have happened to me lately:

Plugging in our car overnight.

The man seated next to me at the medical lab commenting, “It’s busier than a Tim Hortons in here.”


Living on the west coast, we don’t get extreme temperatures (in either the highs or the lows) but it’s been cold recently – crisp, sunny days and the frost so thick on the ground it looks like snow in the mornings. And our car may or may not be a little finicky so we’re plugging it in overnight and seeing if that helps.


On the holiday last week, Pete and I took a walk to Homesite Creek Falls, not far from our place. As you’ll see, mushrooms bloom galore.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and celebrated today with a very sweet, very cold orange-flavoured drink. Just kidding about the celebrating part but cheers to tests and health. Fortunately, I’ve always liked orange Fanta and I want to know if I happen to have gestational diabetes, so I didn’t mind so much. The hardest part was sitting in a lab for 2 hours where they no longer have magazines “because of Ebola”. Michael Crummey’s Sweetland kept me company.


I lack any sort of mushroom knowledge so I never pick them but they came in so many shapes and sizes and colours, I can’t resist taking photos.




See what I mean? I love living in a rainforest.

It does also mean that our cold and sunny skies will likely vanish this week and the rain will return. But, honestly, I kind of miss it when it’s gone.


Bring on November


We re-arranged our living room recently. Peter accuses me of nesting but I’m sticking firm to my claim that it was his idea. Doesn’t really matter though – either way we get to watch the view while we eat breakfast.

And now we have this sweet little reading corner. The perfect place for an evening of hot chocolate and a good book. Not to mention that we finally found the perfect spot for our new lamp. Peter got it for free from work and we found the lampshade at a Goodwill in Seattle.


Baby and I have reached 23 weeks now. Crazily enough, baby is now considered “viable” though, obviously, we hope it won’t make it’s appearance for another few months. (It feels weird to refer to my unborn child as “it” but we’ve opted not to find out the gender beforehand so that’s what we’re going with for now.) This stage of pregnancy is awesome – baby’s moving so much, which is one of the weirdest and coolest sensations ever.


Also celebrated – baby’s first Halloween. Kind of. This is me as an x-ray of myself. Or something. Expect to see me next year using my outside-the-womb child to get free candy. The “Baby needs Reese’ Pieces” worked pretty well for me this year.

Halloween’s a pretty low key affair around here though. We had trick-or-treaters at work so I got to see the local kids dressed up. We didn’t have anyone at our door this year or last year, despite the fact that we put our light on and left this festively-decorated pumpkin on our stairs:

His name is Steve. I think he’s going to become soup.

Oh well, more candy for us.