Pearl at Two Months

It’s hard to believe that two months have already passed since the night Pearl was born. It’s more fun every day, especially now as her personality grows and develops. Starting a couple of weeks ago we are getting real smiles from our little girl. When she wakes in the morning and I get her out of her bassinet and she looks up at me with a big smile…it’s the best thing in the world.


She makes lots of noises now – coos and gurgles and we make them back to her and have delightful, nonsensical conversations.


Honestly, I never thought a newborn could be so much fun. I’ve always preferred babies a few months old. I don’t think I realized how much interaction you can actually have with someone so tiny.

Pearl is also enjoying longer periods of time laying on her play mat or sitting in her little chair.


I appreciate this because it frees me up to hang laundry or do dishes or just sit down and eat a bowl of cereal. Her favourite spot to nap is still in my arms but – barring a few more disastrous occurances – she sleeps well at night and I feel generally well-rested. (Knock on wood!)

Anything within mouth reach is fair game to get sucked on.

Anything within mouth reach is fair game to get sucked on.

We’ve slowly begun the transition to cloth diapers and it’s proved easier than I feared. So far, their use is limited to daytime at home. I fear she’d wake up more frequently at night if we gave up the disposables then and I don’t want to deal with the mess of cloth diapers away from home yet. But, overall, it’s pretty simple. It helps that it’s warm enough most days to hang laundry outside. (Sunning them really does keep them white!)


Another fun development this month has been that I’m now able to carry her in our Ergo carrier. We got her into this pretty early on – she mostly falls asleep – but I had to wait until about 6 weeks post-birth before I tried it. Fortunately, it fits high enough to avoid irritating my incision. Using the carrier means more freedom for the two of us to get outside during the day. Since there are lots of trails and few sidewalks near us, we rarely use our stroller.


I’m so excited to watch Pearl grow and hit new milestones and, at the same time, I love where she’s at now. Every day is a little bit different – some are definitely easier than others – but I’m so thankful for her and the days we spend together.



Tiny Toes

I love watching Pearl grow and I love spotting the traits and features she shares with Peter and I. This week I noticed something she and I have in common. Just like me, Pearl’s second toe is longer than her big toe. image

When I was a little girl and first noticed this about my feet it was because my Nana had the same. I remember sitting on the deck comparing toes. My Nana called them “princess toes”. I loved sharing this with her and now I love seeing it carried on in my little girl.

Easter Weekend

While snow still covers a lot of Canada, spring has definitely arrived on the West Coast. The magnolia tree in our front yard is already shedding its blossoms and the cherry tree by our deck has exploded into white.

We thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend and filled up our time with family meals, walks, naps, and chocolate-eating. Pearl did well through both the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. Saturday night we had our first hot dog roast on the beach of the year (tucked in between rain showers). Pearl has also started smiling for real at us, which is one of the best things ever. (I also love when she smiles in her sleep.)


Pearl got dressed up for Easter Sunday. Truthfully, she only has one dress that currently fits so we just added a bow. Apparently, even if you dress a baby in pink, people will still ask, “What’s his name?”

And on Monday the three of us went on our longest walk yet, through Smuggler’s Cove. I’m so excited to be able to hike again. It’s nice that my recovery is matching the warm weather development.

Peter and Pearl at Smuggler's Cove.

Peter and Pearl at Smuggler’s Cove.

Easter is the central weekend of the Christian faith – the story without which, as Paul said, we are to be pitied indeed. The weekend in which God made man performed the ultimate sacrifice and changed the world.

I’ve pondered Easter from a different perspective over the past year as we experienced loss and then waited to meet our baby. As we prepared to be parents, as we prepared in those final weeks for a baby with potentially major health problems. As we welcomed our healthy little girl and as we learn to be her parents. We worship a God who loves us so much that He sacrificed His son for us. I look at Pearl and think, “How could that be done? How could God love me that much?” It’s beyond my understanding. I can only be thankful. I can only accept His sacrifice and worship Him to the best of my flawed ability.