Book Review: A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Life After Life was probably my favourite read of 2014 so I was excited and nervous to find that Kate Atkinson had written a sequel to the novel. Excited because Life After Life was so rich and unique and enjoyable. Nervous because I wondered if a sequel was necessary and if Atkinson could recapture the… Continue reading Book Review: A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Beyond the Fire

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. Two years ago, I wrote this post to mark Ash Wednesday. It was a time of great personal sorrow in my life. When I was really struggling with the question of, Why would God allow this to happen? Lent isn't exactly the answer to… Continue reading Beyond the Fire

Book Review: Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

In the age old question of cats versus dogs, I definitely fall in the dog category. (This was true even before I developed a cat allergy.) I've spent my fair share of time around dogs in the past thirty years but I'm looking at them a little differently after reading Fifteen Dogs. In the vein… Continue reading Book Review: Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

February Long Weekend

This past weekend was a long one around here, thanks to the made up holiday of Family Day. (Hey, I'm not complaining. We now get a day off in February.) Our weekend was a lovely blend of friends, outdoors, down time, and good food. (Pearl loves this book of farm animals and now goes, "Mmmm"… Continue reading February Long Weekend

Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

This book is ridiculous. And I mean that with great affection - the way a small child might tell you an outrageous story. That kind of ridiculous. Charming and more than a little crazy. Our narrator (unnamed) is an alien. He's arrived on Earth to take over the life and body of Andrew Martin, a… Continue reading Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

Book Review: Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill

In the womb, you hear people talking and their voices sound like someone you're in love with talking in their sleep. from "Heaven" Heather O'Neill excels at creating metaphors that are both etirely unique and powerfully, strangely accurate. This skill - seen in her novels (Lullabies for Little Criminals and The Girl Who Was Saturday… Continue reading Book Review: Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill

Book Review: The Quick by Lauren Owen

This book surprised me. I was surprised to find a first time novelist who could balance so many characters and tensions so skillfully. I was surprised that there hasn't been more hype over Lauren Owen's debut. And I was surprised because the blurb on the book jacket is so completely not what this book is… Continue reading Book Review: The Quick by Lauren Owen

Book Review: White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Some authors wow you with their debut novels and then disappoint with the follow-ups. With others, it works the opposite way and you're able to see their writing improve. White Teeth (Penguin Books, 2001) is Zadie Smith's first novel but the third one by her that I've read. While I enjoyed White Teeth I don't… Continue reading Book Review: White Teeth by Zadie Smith