Book Review: Carry Me by Peter Behrens

Carry Me - Peter Behrens (Anansi, 2016) One word that comes to mind when I think of Carry Me is "ambitious". A novel covering two world wars, as well as the complex period between them. A novel covering this period over England, Germany, Ireland, and even a bit of America. It's a lot and it… Continue reading Book Review: Carry Me by Peter Behrens

Writers Fest 2019 Challenge

Every year our little town plays host to the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. This is its 36th straight year and its the longest running writers fest to feature solely Canadian writers. It's a fun and book-filled weekend every August and I always look forward to it. I've gotten to enjoy it simply… Continue reading Writers Fest 2019 Challenge

Book Review: The Woo Woo by Lindsay Wong

The Woo Woo - Lindsay Wong (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018) I really wanted to like this book. It sounded like the kind of quirky memoir I would enjoy. I was curious to read Wong's portrayal of Vancouver and her story of her crazy Chinese family. I thought I'd find more here that was familiar, even… Continue reading Book Review: The Woo Woo by Lindsay Wong