Book Review: Article 353 by Tanguy Viel

Article 353 - Tanguy Viel (Other Press, 2019) I received an Advance Readers Copy of this novel. It is set for release on March 12, 2019 One of the great things about reading books from other languages and cultures is that voice and topic can vary so broadly. I wasn't familiar with Tanguy Viel's work… Continue reading Book Review: Article 353 by Tanguy Viel


Book Review: No. 4 Imperial Lane by Jonathan Weisman

No. 4 Imperial Lane - Jonathan Weisman (Twelve, 2015) It's 1988 and David Weller is in love. An American student at the University of Sussex, David takes a job caring for a quadriplegic in order to extend his time abroad. And so David becomes entangled with the Bromwell family, Hans (the patient), his sister Elizabeth,… Continue reading Book Review: No. 4 Imperial Lane by Jonathan Weisman

Book Review: Look How Happy I’m Making You by Polly Rosenwaike

Look How Happy I'm Making You - Polly Rosenwaike (Doubleday, 2019) I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book. It is set to be released March 19, 2019. Whether or not you enjoy Polly Rosenwaike's collection of short stories will likely hinge on your interest in motherhood. Each of the twelve stories in this… Continue reading Book Review: Look How Happy I’m Making You by Polly Rosenwaike

Book Review: A Literary Christmas

A Literary Christmas: An Anthology This lovely volume from the British Library is filled with Christmas tidbits. Poems and songs and short stories, as well as snippets from larger works. There are some of the expected authors - Christina Rossetti, Charles Dickens - and some less so, such as D.H. Lawrence or the forgotten (by… Continue reading Book Review: A Literary Christmas

Book Review: Just Kids: Illustrated Edition by Patti Smith

Just Kids: Illustrated Edition - Patti Smith (Ecco Books, 2018) Before I started reading Just Kids I didn't know much more about Patti Smith or Robert Mapplethorpe than that Patti Smith was a musician and Robert Mapplethorpe was an artist of some sort. Looking up his artwork later, I realized I did recognize Mapplethorpe's flower photos. I… Continue reading Book Review: Just Kids: Illustrated Edition by Patti Smith

Book Review: Kens by Raziel Reid

Kens - Raziel Reid (Penguin Teen, 2018) This book was not for me. I mean that in two ways. One: I didn't really enjoy it and found myself aggravated by the characters and their actions. Two: I'm not at all the target audience of this book.  Kens takes place in some sort of alternate universe in… Continue reading Book Review: Kens by Raziel Reid